Case Study | ServiceNow CSM Enhances Banking Associates’ Ability to Deliver Top-Notch Service

A regional bank with a reputation for delivering high-quality, personalized customer service had just merged with another bank—and decided to implement ServiceNow’s customer service management (CSM) platform with Crossfuze as its partner.

Case Study | How a Large Insurance Company Multiplied Their ServiceNow ROI After Partnering with Crossfuze

Throughout these rapid changes—and the plans to continue expanding—the client needed a partner with whom they could establish a value-based, strategic, forward-thinking relationship. It was important, the VP determined, to have a partner who would grow with them, understand their business and industry dynamics, and make recommendations through a vetted and highly collaborative partnership. They found that partnership in Crossfuze.

Case Study | How Crossfuze Helped a Bank Create a Secure and Auditable Workflow Solution in the Cloud

The bank’s fulfillment team needed a way to handle large amounts of sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) daily—and to do so easily and securely. As a bank that does business in several countries on two continents, they face significant scrutiny from a variety of governmental agencies to ensure compliance with regulations such as SOX, ICOFR, GDPR. A secure and reliable “paper trail” was crucial to operations.

Video | Friday Fast Fifteen – Using ServiceNow Data to Uncover Opportunities

19 MIN | ServiceNow is not a small investment, and organizations need to get every ounce of return on that investment possible. In this episode, you’ll learn how IT teams are uncovering incremental improvement opportunities hidden in their ServiceNow data that have far-reaching effects. Hear real-world stories and tips from Shawn Willson, who has helped hundreds of customers to maximize their value in the ServiceNow platform.