Blog | The Best New Features from the ServiceNow Tokyo Release

As the workplace continues to shift rapidly in the face of mounting competition and change, business leaders must find ways to differentiate their companies from the crowd. ServiceNow recognizes this need, and they are similarly adapting to provide leaders with the latest and greatest developments.

Blog | Revolutionize Your Decision-Making with ServiceNow: How the Platform Empowers Enterprises to Utilize Data Insights

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, making data-informed decisions is vital for any enterprise seeking to stay ahead of the competition. As businesses collect a multitude of data points and metrics, understanding how to consolidate this vast amount of information can lead to confusion and information overload. This is where ServiceNow comes in, empowering companies to streamline data usage and make more informed decisions.

Blog | 3 Ways the New Legal Secretarial Services App for ServiceNow Helps Law Firms Thrive

With the Legal Secretarial Services app, law firms can overcome modern challenges and optimize their processes to deliver value quickly and with a focus on the client. Here are three ways law firms can use the new Legal Secretarial Services app to drive business outcomes and overcome modern challenges.

Blog | 5 Things You Need to Know to Start Fresh with ServiceNow

Adapting to the rapid rate of technological change is challenging enough. But it’s especially hard if you’re limited by legacy operations or technologies. In fact, nearly 90 percent of businesses are held back by legacy technologies, restricting them from accessing efficiencies and data insights that can help them thrive.

Blog | Our 5 Favorite Features from the New ServiceNow Utah Release

One of the best things about ServiceNow is how well it improves to address the latest needs across industries, continuously providing the best experiences possible for end users and their customers. With each new release to the platform, users access greater capabilities to help them make work work as smoothly as possible.