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ServiceNow Customer Service Management’s omni-channel, people-centric solutions elevate the customer experience.

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Deliver Modern CSM Solutions with ServiceNow

No matter your business, your customer comes first. ServiceNow’s proactive CSM solutions empower your agents to handle the most complex customer issues while continually delivering data and metrics you need for continuous improvement.

Accessible Knowledge articles help your customers solve problems themselves while communications tools like Field Service Management enable front-line workers to manage tasks on the fly.

With each ServiceNow solution, you’ll meet customers where they are – and when they need you most. No matter what.

Our Essential ServiceNow CSM Guide

Modernize your customer service and accelerate bottom-line profitability.

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The Crossfuze Approach to Customer Service

Our comprehensive approach to customer service integrates the three factors of success: the customer experience, people driving the internal processes to deliver that experience, and the right technology to make everything work effortlessly.

Crossfuze keeps you at the center of everything engagement by:

  • Integrating ServiceNow CSM with other data systems to deliver holistic view of your customers.
  • Listening to key stakeholders to develop a deep understanding of your business and crafting CSM vision aligned to your strategic objectives.

Reduce the need for customizations within the ServiceNow CSM product. We help you identify current inefficiencies and complexities before they are automated so you can implement a streamlined and transparent internal process for handling cases.

Through consolidated routing, CTI and visibility across the lifecycle, you’ll keep your customer at the center of every interaction.

Digital disrupters continue to shape the customer experience. Crossfuze works with you to implement ServiceNow CSM and deliver a digital-first omni-channel approach. You’ll meet your customers where they are – from website to chatbot to WhatsApp and other social channels.

Our clients are the focus of everything we do at Crossfuze.

Like you, we understand the importance of meeting the customer where they are. We take the time to understand your unique business challenges so we can find the best ServiceNow CSM solutions for your enterprise. Along the way, we offer a variety of workshops, show & tells, use cases, industry insights and guidance to inspire you on your digital transformation journey.

And after your CSM implementation is complete, we’ll be your trusted partner – advising you as the platform evolves with your business.

Why ServiceNow CSM?

Gone are the days of resolving one customer issue at a time and logging each inquiry into multiple, disconnected systems. Customers want their issues to be resolved quickly – and business leaders want data from customer interactions faster than ever before.

ServiceNow’s omni-channel approach to customer service management offers customers a variety of ways to interact with your organization based on time of day, location or even urgency. But above all, customers want consistency.

ServiceNow CSM offers customers multiple ways to engage with agents while keeping all of their information together so a customer never feels like they have to start over every time they interact with a new agent.

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Customer Central

Empowers agents to deliver outstanding customer service by giving them context through a time-sequenced view of the customer by channel or across channels.

Messaging & Asynchronous Chat

Meet customers where they are – whether it’s SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or text. These conversations can be ongoing and allow you to provide help at any time.


Customer inquiries are routed for automated resolution to the correct team – contact center, middle office or back office. Web options include Service Catalog forms in the customer service portal or Engagement Messenger.


Provide real-time answers to questions with live support provided by an Agent or an intelligent Virtual Agent using natural language understanding. Conversation Autopilot allows agents in live chat to delegate tasks to the Virtual Agent.


Keep communication simple through email templates designed to keep communication on track as the case progresses.


AI-driven natural language capabilities and modern voice experience providers driven with ServiceNow digital workflows expand self-service and drive more personalized conversations with agents.

Social Media

Leverage social media channels to meet and communicate with customers while recording conversations for future interactions on other channels when needed.

Walk-up experience

Technology won’t eliminate the in-person experience. But it can improve it. Deliver faster responses and increase staff productivity through digital queue management.


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#1 Customer Satisfaction Award - Crossfuze

#1 Customer Satisfaction Award

Global Accelerated Growth Partner - Crossfuze

Global Accelerated Growth Partner

Fastest Growth European Partner - Crossfuze

Fastest Growth European Partner

Outstanding ServiceNow Partner - Crossfuze

Outstanding ServiceNow Partner

ServiceNow CSM Impact

Maximize ROI and accelerate your digital transformation. The right employee and customer experiences are as important as the platform you choose for the experience. But every enterprise is unique. By delivering personalized data to key individuals within your organization, ServiceNow Impact takes your digital transformation to new heights.

Business leaders build strategy and empower employees with data-driven recommendations. Insights, guidance and preventative tools help platform owners see results sooner. And system administrators get the freedom to focus on higher-level projects.

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ServiceNow Impact Features

Impact makes it easy for you to track progress and demonstrate value from your ServiceNow investment with:

Distinctive, AI-driven Value Acceleration - Crossfuze

Distinctive, AI-driven Value Acceleration

Relevant content and data when you need it in an engaging and visually compelling experience.

Premium Technical Support & Tools - Crossfuze

Premium Technical Support & Tools

Expert assistance and code review across your ServiceNow instance for applications built on the Now Platform.

Impact Squads & Experts On-Demand - Crossfuze

Impact Squads & Experts On-Demand

An on-demand dedicated team of experts who are invested in your journey and outcomes.

Personalized Coaching - Crossfuze

Personalized Coaching

A range of personalized learning and coaching opportunities for stakeholders including membership to the exclusive ServiceNow CxO Community.

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