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ServiceNow Customer Service Management

ServiceNow Customer Service Management creates strategic interconnectivity and dynamic engagement with customers, workflows, and processes. And with expert implementation assistance from Crossfuze, your customer service teams will be able to visualize these relationships in real time.

Deliver Modern CSM Solutions with ServiceNow

Expectations for a new world of work call for connected systems across the organization, an end to data silos, and an enhanced experience for both internal and external customers.

When forward-thinking organizations adopt ServiceNow solutions as a core part of their Digital Transformation strategy, they’re able to rise to these expectations. And with the right ServiceNow partner at their side, the positive impact is undeniable.

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Nathalie Pougno, Director of Enterprise Applications, Ricoh, Crossfuze

What Our Customers Think

“I can go in front of my executive and say, ‘This is what we will make happen.’ And I know you guys will make that happen.”

Nathalie Pougno, Ricoh

A Crossfuze CSM Customer

Our Approach to ServiceNow CSM

We start with a thorough, independent assessment of all of the systems and processes that tie into your CSM operations. Crossfuze then uses this assessment to configure and customize ServiceNow CSM to align with your strategic business goals, especially as they relate to the customer experience.

Then we take a comprehensive approach to customer service that integrates the three factors of success: the customer experience, the internal processes behind the experience, and the technology that facilitates it all.

  • A CSM-specific business case that quickly gains buy-in and trust from the C-suite
  • Integration with other data systems to gain a holistic view of your customers
  • Solutions that reduce application customization time and that streamline processes
  • A deep understanding of how to craft and communicate a CSM vision that is aligned with strategic business objectives
Business Process, ServiceNow CSM, Crossfuze

Business Process

We’ll help you implement a streamlined and transparent internal process for handling cases by first identifying the current inefficient and complex processes before they are automated. This reduces the need for customizations within the ServiceNow CSM platform.

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Customer Experience (CX)

Whether you need a basic current state and gap analysis, or a transformative, collaborative design option, we will ensure your ServiceNow CSM instance is increasing customer satisfaction through omnichannel experiences.

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Platform Implementation

We create the templates needed for an even more transformative ServiceNow implementation by combining them with customer experience and business process optimization services.

Why ServiceNow CSM?

Customer experience, or CX, has been shown to drive significant improvement to bottom-line profitability. This is why CX leaders today are optimizing their customer service processes in a way that strengthens customers’ long-term loyalty.

For decades, customer service teams relied on resolving customer inquiries one at a time. These inquiries would then be logged into multiple disconnected systems – an increasingly inefficient approach. These processes do not allow CX teams to efficiently analyze root causes of customer problems, understand the relationships among these problems, or provide visibility and interconnectivity among the solutions they develop.

Today, customers expect that each encounter will be informed and enriched by current and accurate information about their accounts – including past history and customer preferences. They will reward companies that can anticipate their personal needs and punish those that clumsily relearn basic customer details at each encounter.

With the ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) suite, meeting these modern expectations is a breeze. By integrating across departments, workflows are automated to solve customer issues in a connected, effortless way. By fostering collaboration across IT, finance, and quality, organizations are able to attack problems at the source and prevent them from happening again.

Benefit from our toolset, Business Process Outsourcing, Crossfuze

Integrate Customer Service Tool

Integrate your customer service tools across all departments.

Build and Automate Workflows Icon - Crossfuze

Build and Automate Workflows

Build and automate workflows that get the right people involved right away.

Treat the Root Cause Icon - Crossfuze

Treat the Root Cause

Treat the root cause of customer issues, not just the symptoms.

Increase Customer Satisfaction Icon - Crossfuze

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction and improve efficiency.

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