Blog | Getting it Right: Sustainable Growth and Maintenance in the Digital Age

Business leaders share common goals. To grow, to adapt, and to continually improve. It’s a similar experience when embarking on a digital transformation journey. Shifting your thinking to the long term can put you in the driver’s seat for long-term success on the Now Platform.

Blog | Redefining Public Service Experiences with ServiceNow

If you’re curious about how digital transformation for the public sector affects everyone – from everyday citizens to government personnel, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore together the game-changing shift happening due to digitization in government services.

Blog | Top 3 Underrated Use Cases for ServiceNow in the Public Sector

When it comes to public sector applications, few platforms possess the transformative power of ServiceNow. Renowned for streamlining workflow processes and boosting operational efficiencies, ServiceNow is the cornerstone of effective digital strategy.

Blog | ServiceNow Vancouver: Exploring the Changes to ITSM in ServiceNow’s Vancouver Release

Your journey partner, Crossfuze, has been hard at work exploring the ins and outs of the Vancouver release and we’re ready to guide you through the weeds and right into the good stuff. Let’s jump into the exciting features and improvements this update offers.

Blog | Embracing the Future of Citizen Services with ServiceNow

The world’s changing pretty fast. As a government agency IT leader, you likely juggle the responsibility of ensuring your department is current, efficient, and user-friendly for the people you serve. Let’s think about why you might want to consider ServiceNow as the real game-changer in your pursuit of providing better service experiences.

Blog | Busting Silos and Revolutionizing Work in the Public Sector: The Power of ServiceNow

In an era where leading law firms are rapidly distinguishing themselves with innovative operational strategies, mastering automation is vital to gaining a significant competitive edge. In essence, we’ve reached the age of extensive automation where prestigious law firms don’t merely outsource—they out-automate.