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ServiceNow Utah Release

Transformative, powerful features await you in this latest ServiceNow Platform release.

What’s New in ServiceNow Utah

Like the beautiful rock formations and towering buildings of Utah, the ServiceNow Utah characteristics help your enterprise stand out from the crowd. From the new Theme Builder to the improved Customer Service Management and App Engine Studio, the Utah release offers more possibilities for organizations to streamline their workflows and make work work.

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Our 5 Favorite Features from the New ServiceNow Utah Release

One of the best things about ServiceNow is how well it improves to address the latest needs across industries, continuously providing the best experiences possible for end users and their customers. With each new release to the platform, users access greater capabilities to help them make work work as smoothly as possible.

Prepare for Upgrade

Meet with our experts to view a demo of Utah and start planning your upgrade.

Get Ready to Upgrade

Each time you upgrade, you get ServiceNow’s latest platform and security enhancements, access to all the latest products and features, and you stay in support. ServiceNow only supports the current version and the one previous. So with the Utah upgrade, the only platform releases that will be in full support are Tokyo and Utah.

By staying current with your upgrades, you’ll see how ServiceNow truly transforms your organization. On average, enterprises on current ServiceNow platforms increase workflow efficiency by up to 25%. Time spent on buildouts and developments drops by as much as 80% and they spend as much as 81% less time on the upgrade process. Regular upgrades allow you to see ServiceNow value faster and accelerate your digital transformation.

ServiceNow Utah Release Highlights

It’s upgrade season at ServiceNow and all roads lead to Utah. Whether you’re coming from Tokyo, San Diego or Rome, careful planning will help you avoid roadblocks and ensure success. Watch this series of YouTube videos highlighting all of the new ServiceNow Utah features.