People-First GRC Solutions for a More Resilient Future.

Monitor risk across the enterprise on a single pane of glass.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Strategies That Keep People in the Center.

A successful governance, risk and compliance initiative requires the right people doing the right things on the right team at the right time.

Crossfuze helps your people take GRC from paper to practice by understanding your needs, and helping you create workflows with an employee centric design approach. Together, we’ll deliver an executable GRC plan that aligns with your business strategy.


Managing the Cyber Risk Conversation with Executive Stakeholders

Align cybersecurity and business strategies. Our ebook arms CISOs and IT leaders with the insight needed to gain support from leadership, secure funding and take immediate action toward a more resilient future.

Managing the Cyber Risk Conversation with Executive Stakeholders eBook - Crossfuze


Risk management involves identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risks to allow informed decision making. How and where to spend resources to maximize profitability and minimize the impact of losses. To protect IP and company reputation. Integrated risk management encompasses areas such as cybersecurity, compliance management, audit management, and more.

ServiceNow governance, risk and compliance solutions improve identification and response across your enterprise by automating and streamlining risk and security processes to ensure a rapid response.

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Increase Resilience

ServiceNow’s unified data environment empowers risk-based decisions across the enterprise no matter where they work. GRC gives key players timely access to the relevant information you need to respond to security incidents, remediate vulnerabilities, and make better and faster decisions, mitigating risk, maintaining and maximizing the profitability and reducing any loss impact.

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GRC Strategy for Better Control

ServiceNow GRC puts policy, laws, regulations and best practices in one system.

Log into a single pane of glass environment where you can see risk related events in real time across your organization. You can track risk data and related operational activity over time.

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Risk Assessments

Validate the effectiveness of compliance controls. Automated control testing eliminates errors during evidence data collection and mitigates the need to manually reconcile test results and metrics.

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Real-time Monitoring

ServiceNow GRC provides real-time identification and monitoring of non-compliant controls, KRIs and KPIs through automated data validation and evidence gathering.

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Vendor Risk Management

GRC portfolio management capabilities give you the power to consolidate your vendors into a single catalog. ServiceNow’s assessment designer and build-in questionnaires allow easier vendor assessment, better quality data and the ability to monitor changes over time.

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Operational Resilience

Crossfuze identifies ServiceNow GRC workflows that improve business results, increase productivity, stand up to regulatory scrutiny and withstand disruptions – keeping your team focused on the right priorities to drive your business forward.

SecOps is an important part of your overall GRC strategy. Click here to learn more about Crossfuze’s ServiceNow SecOps solutions.

Security Risk_ How To Manage Through Crisis and Build Resilience Webinar - Crossfuze

Security & Risk: How to Manage Through Crisis and Build Resilience

Since the start of COVID-19, the FBI reports cyberattacks have increased 400% and endpoint security vendors say phishing and malware scams have seen a 600% increase.

Watch this fireside chat to learn how your Security department can leverage Crossfuze’s ServiceNow security offerings to overcome business challenges.


Our people-first approach emphasizes prescriptive, incremental deployments that minimize risk and deliver wins early and often. We break down the full scope of your GRC needs into smaller, prioritized components, you can act faster, communicate progress earlier and build on those successes going forward.


We start with an evaluation of your current risk posture and work with you to prioritize your greatest needs. From there, we develop a plan of execution that makes the most out of NOW Platform® and your resources.

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Crossfuze gets you up and running faster (and takes you further).

Our experts draw on years of experience with ServiceNow to identify areas for improved security operations within your organization. With countless solution opportunities available, Crossfuze helps you decide where to start, gets your team up to speed faster – and delivers an even greater ROI on your ServiceNow Security Operations licenses.

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