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ServiceNow Vancouver Release

Learn about the major upgrades coming your way in this latest ServiceNow Platform release.

What’s New in ServiceNow Vancouver

Like its namesake, ServiceNow Vancouver offers both strength and simplicity in design, empowering organizations to quiet the noise of their workflows and unleash their potential. In this release, teams can utilize exciting new features surrounding Generative AI, such as integration with third-party AI resources and improvements in the Virtual Agent Interface. From new capabilities to upgrades, ServiceNow is bigger and better than ever.

Dive into ServiceNow’s library of Vancouver release content to learn more.

The ServiceNow Vancouver release includes new products, applications, features, and fixes for existing products. Read the release notes to learn about the release, prepare for your upgrade, and upgrade your instance.

Read the release notes.

Discover the Power of the ServiceNow Vancouver: Top 5 Features Unveiled

It’s release time! You know what that means. Our developers have been playing in the ServiceNow sandbox. After spending the past few weeks exploring ServiceNow Vancouver early access, we are thrilled to share our favorite features. Our top-five list includes innovative enhancements and cutting-edge functionalities to revolutionize business operations and drive tangible value for our clients.

Prepare for Upgrade

Meet with our experts to view a demo of Vancouver and start planning your upgrade.

What’s New in ITOM: Optimize IT Operations

16 MIN | Watch this quick video and learn whats new in Quebec for IT Operations Management.

What’s New in Quebec for CSM

3 MIN | Watch this quick video to learn whats new in Quebec for Customer Service Management.

Get Ready to Upgrade

Every time you upgrade, you have access to ServiceNow’s latest platform and security enhancements, products and features, and support. ServiceNow only supports the current version and the previous one, so with the Vancouver upgrade, the only platform releases in full support are Utah and Vancouver.

By staying up to date on your upgrades, you’ll see firsthand how ServiceNow can transform your organization. On average, enterprises on current ServiceNow platforms increase workflow efficiency by up to 25%. Time spent on buildouts and developments drops by as much as 80%, and they spend as much as 81% less time on the upgrade process. Regular upgrades allow you to see ServiceNow value faster and accelerate your digital transformation.

ServiceNow Vancouver Release Highlights

It’s upgrade season at ServiceNow—and it’s time to get to know Vancouver. Whether you’re coming from Utah, Tokyo, or San Diego, careful planning and research will help you avoid roadblocks and ensure success. Watch this series of YouTube videos highlighting the best of the new ServiceNow Vancouver features.

ServiceNow Upgrade Best Practices - Crossfuze

ServiceNow Upgrade Best Practices

ServiceNow releases a new version of their platform semi-annually. This means that even when your organization gets up and running on the current version very quickly, there will be a newer version available a few months later. It’s not a question of “if” your organization should upgrade, but “when” or even “how often” your organization should upgrade.

ServiceNow Upgrades FAQ

Check out ServiceNow Upgrades frequently asked questions document as of January 2021.

Jumpstart Your Upgrade

Staying current with your Now Platform lets you take advantage of the new features and functionality designed to help you achieve your business outcomes.

By keeping your instance up to date, you maximize your ServiceNow investment, reduce the risk of encountering issues that have already been resolved, and avoid the issues inherent with running an unsupported release.

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