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ServiceNow San Diego Release

ServiceNow is San Diego dreaming. The San Diego release comes with workflows to improve productivity wherever work happens.

Here’s to you San Diego…

A burst of sunshine, the San Diego release is packed with workflow enhancements to continue to improve the customer experience with new capabilities in Customer Service Management and Field Service Management.

Technology leaders can further improve the Technology experience with enhancements to portfolio management, IT Asset Management, IT Service Management, IT Operations Management and CMDB.

Meanwhile procurement, operations and security teams can further streamline their processes as well.

And everything plays nice together on the Now Platform®.

Our resources are ready to show you everything you need to know.

A Quick Look at ServiceNow San Diego

ServiceNow Partner Developers across the globe are jumping into the ServiceNow San Diego sandbox and playing with the new features this release offers. Over the next several weeks, we’re giving our ServiceNow Partner Perspective on the features included in the latest release as well as information on how to upgrade.

Prepare for Upgrade

Meet with our experts to start planning your upgrade.

ServiceNow Upgrade Best Practices - Crossfuze

ServiceNow Upgrade Best Practices

ServiceNow releases a new version of their platform semi-annually. This means that even when your organization gets up and running on the current version very quickly, there will be a newer version available a few months later. It’s not a question of “if” your organization should upgrade, but “when” or even “how often” your organization should upgrade.

ServiceNow Upgrades FAQ

Check out ServiceNow Upgrades frequently asked questions document as of January 2021.

Jumpstart Your Upgrade

Staying current with your Now Platform lets you take advantage of the new features and functionality designed to help you achieve your business outcomes.

By keeping your instance up to date, you maximize your ServiceNow investment, reduce the risk of encountering issues that have already been resolved, and avoid the issues inherent with running an unsupported release.

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