Eliminate Service Outages with ServiceNow IT Operations Management

Your computing, networking, application interfaces and databases handle more demands at a faster pace than ever before. Meanwhile, shifting to a digital-first strategy increases the risks and costs associated with service outages. ServiceNow IT Operations Management is designed to meet the increasing demand and mitigate the risks digital first companies face.

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AI-powered ServiceNow ITOM solutions from Crossfuze deliver:

  • Automated data collection and analysis to proactively address problematic conditions.
  • 99% event noise reduction.
  • AI-powered, guided recommendations to reduce outages.
  • A single pane of glass to view your entire IT estate.
  • Service Graph enhances your CMDB and extends IT operations to manage your entire data lifecycle.

In a digital-first world, ServiceNow ITOM bridges technology and the business.

  • Scale IT while reducing costs.
  • Build resiliency and extraordinary employee experiences.
  • Optimize processes to drive technology best practices.

ITOM uses ServiceNow Discovery® and the ServiceNow Change Management Data Base helps businesses build a solid data foundation to drive better business decisions.

ServiceNow Impact

Maximize ROI and accelerate your digital transformation. The right employee and customer experiences are as important as the platform you choose for the experience. But every enterprise is unique. By delivering personalized data to key individuals within your organization, ServiceNow Impact takes your digital transformation to new heights.

Business leaders build strategy and empower employees with data-driven recommendations. Insights, guidance and preventative tools help platform owners see results sooner. And System administrators get the freedom to focus on higher-level projects.

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ServiceNow Impact Features

Impact makes it easy for you to track progress and demonstrate value from your ServiceNow investment with:

Distinctive, AI-driven Value Acceleration - Crossfuze

Distinctive, AI-driven Value Acceleration

Relevant content and data when you need it in an engaging and visually compelling experience.

Premium Technical Support & Tools - Crossfuze

Premium Technical Support & Tools

Expert assistance and code review across your ServiceNow instance for applications built on the Now Platform.

Impact Squads & Experts On-Demand - Crossfuze

Impact Squads & Experts On-Demand

An on-demand dedicated team of experts who are invested in your journey and outcomes.

Personalized Coaching - Crossfuze

Personalized Coaching

A range of personalized learning and coaching opportunities for stakeholders including membership to the exclusive ServiceNow CxO Community.

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The Crossfuze Approach to ITOM

ServiceNow ITOM Assessment - Crossfuze


We start with an assessment of your current processes, tools and people to identity gaps and opportunities for improvement. From there, we assemble a strategy team to mature configuration management.

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The insights gathered during our initial assessment give all stakeholders visibility into operations and enable teams to get to the root cause of issues quicker and identify impact of changes using automation.

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As you scale operations with ServiceNow ITOM and integrate monitoring solutions with a single system of record, your processes change from being reactive to proactive. Machine Learning and AI automate manual activities and give your teams time to focus on more meaningful work.

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Reduce the impact of outages on the business by automating remediation and leveraging ServiceNow’s system of action on the Now Platform with automated resolutions that reduce the need for human intervention when problems arise.

Discover how you can start unleashing innovation with ServiceNow ITSM Pro by joining this webinar, where you will learn from IT Service Management and IT Operations Management experts on how to effectively:

  • Elevate your employee experience by simplifying how work gets done.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by resolving issues faster.
  • Transform your Service Operations by empowering a proactive approach with AI and machine learning.

Start accelerating your digital transformation and propel your organization’s growth—all while delivering outstanding employee experiences.

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