Eliminate Service Outages with ServiceNow IT Operations Management

Powerful, streamlined ServiceNow ITOM solutions.

Your computing, networking, and application interfaces and databases are handling more demands at a faster pace than ever before. As companies rely on these systems more, the risks and costs associated with service outages are greater. That’s where ServiceNow IT Operations Management comes in.


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Automate IT processes to proactively address problematic conditions

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Reduce event noise by over 99%

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Give your entire IT team real-time visibility into the makeup of your IT landscape

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Automatically enforce good governance and ensure compliance to business policies

ServiceNow ITOM gives you a powerful, streamlined platform that helps you enhance visibility, improve availability, increase agility, and manage hybrid clouds. Everything from Service Mapping, CMDB, Discovery to Cloud Management, and Orchestration and Knowledge Transfer – ITOM is a comprehensive solution that facilitates the increasing demands on your IT infrastructure.

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Start Your ServiceNow ITOM Onboarding Success Story

This highly interactive workbook will position you for early and often platform wins. Dive in and start building your ServiceNow foundation for success using the workbook’s advice, tips, and dynamic forms. It’s easy with the ServiceNow Onboarding Workbook by Crossfuze.


“This is not just an IT project. It is so much more than that. You are laying foundations.

Jeremy Heaven
Group Service Delivery Manager, UDG Healthcare plc

A Field-Tested Approach to ServiceNow ITOM

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As both a ServiceNow customer and ServiceNow Elite Partner, our experts know IT operations management inside and out. They understand what businesses need to integrate ITOM with their existing ITSM platform, how to optimize it for better performance, and how to plan for the road ahead.

Whether you need a single module or the full suite of ITOM applications, Crossfuze has the rescues to help you implement across the entire portfolio. Using field-tested implementation templates and best practices, we accelerate time-to-value and minimize ServiceNow deployment risks. With firm industry knowledge based on ITIL best practices, our team of experts will configure your ServiceNow ITOM instance to suit your business needs – reducing down-time in the process.


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Our experts draw on years of experience with ServiceNow to ensure customers get the most value out of the NOW platform. Let us help you decide where to start, get your team up to speed fast, and deliver an even greater ROI on your ServiceNow investment.

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eBook: 7 Pillars of Organizational Change Management to Achieve ServiceNow Wins

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