Blog | The Paralegal, the Law Firm, and the ServiceNow Elite Partner

Hey! Generative AI is big right now. So, just for fun, the team wanted to see what the bots had to say about digital transformation in the law firm. Turns out they have a pretty good sense of humor. So, pull up your wingback chair, light your fireplace and enjoy this all-too-relatable tale.

Case Study | Stephenson Harwood Enhances Change Management with Crossfuze ServiceNow

Crossfuze ManagedNow has allowed the firm to make necessary changes and scale as quickly as possible. It has also given them the support they need to drive digital transformation with ServiceNow and provide a seamless experience for their end users.

Case Study | Mid-sized Law Firm Uses Rapid ServiceNow Rollout to Catch Up to It’s Competition

When a mid-sized law firm approached Crossfuze about implementing ServiceNow, the question was not if, but when and how fast. This firm of about 1,000 employees desperately needed to replace its aging, woefully outdated set of on-premise IT solutions. The law firm’s digital transformation leaders already had been keeping a close eye on the firm’s competitors and knew that bigger law firms in the area had successfully used ServiceNow to streamline, automate, and enhance the IT service experience for their attorneys.

Webinar | How to Increase Law Firm Efficiency with a Mature IT Department

43 MIN | Join special guest, Kerry Angel, Service Delivery Manager at Macfarlanes law firm to learn how she led the transformation of their IT Service Management and significantly improved operational efficiency by delivering faster incident resolution, seamless user experiences, and improved work prioritization using ServiceNow ITSM.

Case Study | Law Firm Embraces ServiceNow’s Potential to Consolidate Multiple Business Apps

A large Denver-based law firm with about 400 attorneys decided in early 2019 to abandon its on-premise IT ticketing system and move to ServiceNow. The firm correctly recognized that ServiceNow was more than just a powerful IT Service Management platform. ServiceNow also could help the firm efficiently consolidate a wide range of business applications.

Case Study | Law Firm Achieves Miraculous Turnaround For Its Underperforming ServiceNow Investment

A top-ranked, New York-based law firm with about 500 attorneys was facing a daunting challenge when it approached Crossfuze: The firm wasn’t seeing the return on its ServiceNow investment they had hoped for. The firm had implemented ServiceNow IT Service Management a few years prior – and the rollout was disappointing.

Case Study | Origami Risk – Integrating Slack with ServiceNow for a Seamless Change Approvals Process

Origami Risk needed to streamline and automate the management of its IT-related services when they company initially implemented ServiceNow in late 2018. But their workforce of about 300 employees worldwide were already using Slack to track and manage work of all kinds. Read about Crossfuze’s solution to develop the Slack Approvals Integration for ServiceNow.