Reimagine Your ServiceNow IT Asset Management Capabilities

Be good to your budget with centralized, real-time asset management.

ServiceNow ITAM provides a powerful single system of record to identify opportunities to cut costs, eliminate wasted resources, improve compliance and mitigate security risks.


  • Maximizes use of every resource until it reaches expiration or end-of-life
  • Centralizes and automates establishing relationships among resources
  • Flags contracts for renewal and physical assets for replacement the moment they’re needed
  • Prevents an asset’s service and maintenance from interfering with work processes

“There’s more to assets than just knowing who they’re assigned to or where we got them from. It’s tracking the entire lifecycle of an asset.”

Project Lead, Director, IT Service Management

ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) and Hardware Asset Management (HAM)

A single platform of powerful tools to automate and track end-to-end lifecycles for software, hardware and the cloud. SMART SAM and HAM: A strategic, disciplined approach to implementing ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) for lightning-fast time-to-value.

SMART SAM and HAM from Crossfuze is a methodical, proven approach for maximizing the return on your ServiceNow SAM investment. In just eight weeks, we’ll deploy best-practice implementation strategies and configurations to ensure you get lightning-fast time-to-value.


Reduce Deployment Time - Crossfuze

Create a standard, best-practice roadmap for Phase 1 complete with progress tracker.

Track all stages of IT - Crossfuze

Give you critical insights into software overspend, compliance issues, and usage patterns for your most important software publishers.

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Keep everyone in your organization relentlessly focused on achieving a strong ROI in just eight weeks.


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IT Asset Management (ITAM) Best Practices Guide

Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) is a powerful process, so it’s worth the work to get it right. One study found that ITAM cut costs by anywhere from 25 to 50 percent!

ServiceNow Asset Management – An Asset to Your IT Capabilities

Do you know where your IT assets are? Do you realize how much money is lost or information security is at risk by not having a solid asset management process?

What is IT Asset Management?

How many laptops do you manage at your organization? How many servers, printers, and monitors? What about software licenses for Microsoft Office, ServiceNow, your HR systems, and communication tools? Accounting for your IT assets can be a tedious albeit critical task.