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Reimagine Your ServiceNow IT Asset Management Capabilities

Centralized, real-time asset management that saves money.

No matter how many spreadsheets and databases you create, legacy processes for managing your IT assets are never going to provide the real-time visibility and high-level insights you need. ServiceNow ITAM (IT Asset Management) enables organizations to ditch outdated, manual asset tracking solutions and unify under a single, comprehensive IT Asset Management solution.

With ServiceNow IT Asset Management, you can:

  • Maximize use of every resource until it reaches expiration or end-of-life
  • Centralize and automate establishing relationships among resources
  • Renew contracts and replace physical assets at the exact moment they’re needed
  • Prevent an asset’s service and maintenance from interfering with work processes

The ServiceNow ITAM platform provides the powerful, single system of record upon which you’ll identify opportunities to cut costs, eliminate wasted resources, improve compliance, and mitigate security risks.

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Asset Management in a Work-from-Anywhere World

A new world of work requires a new way of managing your company’s assets. Learn how ServiceNow ITAM helps organizations plan for and manage the entire lifecycle of their assets, no matter where their workforce is located.


Seamless, Risk-averse ITAM Implementation

Whether your organization is just starting its ITAM journey or looking to upgrade from a mature legacy ITAM solution, Crossfuze can help you imagine (or reimagine) what’s possible with ServiceNow ITAM. Crossfuze will work with you to scope out a fully articulated ITAM solution that optimally aligns with your organization’s strategic goals and priorities. We’ll ensure your ITAM implementation minimizes risks and avoids unnecessary scope-creep from low-value customizations.

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ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM)

ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) is a powerful tool for discovering, normalizing, and reconciling software assets from across your organization.

SAM enables organizations to create an accurate system of record for all software assets that can be maintained in real time. If you’d like to learn more about ServiceNow’s SAM and how it works, click here

SMART SAM: A strategic, disciplined approach to implementing ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) for lightning-fast time-to-value

SMART SAM from Crossfuze is a methodical, proven approach for maximizing the return on your ServiceNow SAM investment. In just eight weeks, we’ll deploy best-practice implementation strategies and configurations to ensure you get lightning-fast time-to-value.


  • Create a standard, best-practice roadmap for Phase 1 complete with progress tracker
  • Give you critical insights into software overspend, compliance issues, and usage patterns for your most important software publishers
  • Keep everyone in your organization relentlessly focused on achieving a strong ROI in just eight weeks

What Our Customers Think

Crossfuze came with us as a partner, walked alongside us through the entire process… making sure we had everything we need, making sure that we were prepared… they were there to advise us and consult with us to ensure that this was the best possible decision(s) that we were making for our company”

Christi Brown

IT Service Desk Manager – WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems

Christi Brown, IT Service Desk Manager, WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems Crossfuze

ServiceNow ITAM Success Resources


IT Asset Management (ITAM) Best Practices Guide

Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) is a powerful process, so it’s worth the work to get it right. One study found that ITAM cut costs by anywhere from 25 to 50 percent! You see, IT asset management isn’t just managing hardware and software inventory; it’s strategic planning for the entire IT environment, and that’s where the cost savings and other significant benefits come in.

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ServiceNow Asset Management – An Asset to Your IT Capabilities

Do you know where your IT assets are? Do you realize how much money is lost or information security is at risk by not having a solid asset management process? Asset Management is not just a trend or process du jour. It is a process that is helping IT organizations significantly reduce waste associated with lost or unused assets for many years.

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What is IT Asset Management?

How many laptops do you manage at your organization? How many servers, printers, and monitors? What about software licenses for Microsoft Office, ServiceNow, your HR systems, and communication tools? Accounting for your IT assets can be a tedious albeit critical task.

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