What is ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)?

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) workflows optimize the development, delivery and management of business services and align them with technology.

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SPM helps you and your organization understand how the technology environment relates to your business goals, strategies and needs. ServiceNow SPM featured capabilities include:

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    Agile Development
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    Demand Management
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    Application Portfolio Management
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    Resource Management
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    Innovation Management
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    Scenario Planning
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    Roadmap Planning

Why Businesses Need ServiceNow SPM

SPM aligns business and IT methodologies – creating end-to-end visibility for data-driven decision making, breaking down silos and strengthening relationships between internal business partners.

ServiceNow SPM

ServiceNow SPM focuses on improving the alignment of business services and accelerating business delivery – giving you greater value from your initiatives. Featured capabilities include:

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    Manage outcomes and create value, multiple ways of working and deliver faster no matter what comes your way.
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    Agile Development
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    Faster innovation, better value, and faster delivery
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    Demand Management
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    Application Portfolio Management
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    Resource Management

Why ServiceNow SPM?

According to Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Report, companies who utilize ServiceNow’s ITBM solutions see the following benefits:

Faster Project Delivery - Crossfuze (1)

Faster project delivery

Resource Utilization - Crossfuze

12.6% increase in resource utilization

Average Savings - Crossfuze

Average savings of 16.6 hours of work per project

Reduction of hours - Crossfuze (2)

Reduction of up to 80 hours per project spent on administrative activities

Track Time - Crossfuze (2)

Ability for workers to track time across multiple projects

Gartner named ServiceNow ITBM to its 2021 Magic Quadrant citing these features:

Integration - Crossfuze (2)

Integration of operations and development with a single backlog

Idea management - Crossfuze (1)

Idea management, roadmapping, project and program portfolio management, and visibility functionalities

Geographical Presence - Crossfuze (1)

Extensive ServiceNow geographical presence

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Where SPM and ServiceNow Are Headed

Where is SPM Headed_ - Crossfuze


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