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Your ServiceNow Elite Partner Delivering Vision, Velocity, and Victory

The business world is in the middle of a generational change where companies are making a pivotal choice to embrace the age of innovation, or not. As a trusted ServiceNow partner, Crossfuze enables organizations to say yes to change using the full power of the ServiceNow suite.

By being an educator, advisor, and professional services partner, we help organizations fill the gap of expertise and make better decisions.

10 Pillars of ServiceNow Digital Transformation - Crossfuze
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We Proudly Uphold a Reputation for Helping Our Customers

Create a Vision

Great companies craft a vision with short-term performance and strategic investments powering a clear and feasible long-term.

Move with Velocity

Velocity requires both speed and direction, and is essential for any company to flourish in the digital age.

Achieve Victories

When success is non-negotiable, reducing risk is a top priority.


UDG Healthcare on ServiceNow Partner Selection

Selecting a ServiceNow partner is no task to take lightly, as Jeremy Heaven at UDG Healthcare in Ireland can attest to.

Spend some time with Jeremy by watching this candid video, as he takes you along on his journey to finding the right partner to lay the foundation for ServiceNow Success.

Industry-Recognized for Excellence

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Delivering ServiceNow, On ServiceNow

As a ServiceNow customer as well as ServiceNow Elite Partner, ServiceNow has become the backbone of our entire business. Since implementing the platform internally, we’ve invested thousands of hours developing best practices, third-party integrations, and analytics capabilities that support the entire spectrum of customer needs. We bring this experience to every deployment, and we understand how best to leverage everything the ServiceNow platform has to offer once live.

A Bastion of ServiceNow Expertise

Our team of 100+ ServiceNow consultants carry deep expertise across the ServiceNow platform.

  • 150+ combined years of ServiceNow experience
  • Our consultants’ certifications include: ITSM, ITBM, ITOM, CSM, HR, GRS, SecOps, Custom Apps.
  • 89% of our team has multiple ServiceNow certifications
  • 4 Certified Master Architects, the most prestigious and rare certification, held by only about 50 ServiceNow expert consultants worldwide

Advisory Approach Ensures Long-Term Success

Modernized processes start with your overall company vision, objectives, and the innovative strategies necessary to achieve them. That’s why we put your overall business goals sit at the center of process creation and decision-making.

Weaving an advisory approach into every customer engagement means our customers consistently find success.

  • 81% of our customers choose to work on multiple projects with us
  • 20% of our customers came to us after a bad experience with another vendor
Experience, ServiceNow Partner, Crossfuze


With over 2,500 implementations and a consistently top-tier CSAT, you can expect success

People, ServiceNow Parter, Crossfuze


Our people are not only certified, they take a genuine interest in your business goals

Business Process, ServiceNow CSM, Crossfuze


We take the right steps to reduce risk and ensure that every solution is built around your wants and needs

ServiceNow Tools, ServiceNow Partner, Crossfuze


We leverage enterprise-level tools and guides to ensure every project is completed on time, on budget, and on the mark

Case Studies

Hear from some of our customers as they share their ServiceNow journey.

Webinar | Elite Group - A ServiceNow CSM Success Story

Webinar | Elite Group – A ServiceNow CSM Success Story

60 MIN | Here to share his own experience implementing ServiceNow Customer Service Management is Greg Voller, Head of Technology at Elite Group. Join Greg and our own CSM experts for an in-depth discussion covering unified Communications industry trends and success drivers, the role that customer service will play in the industry, proven strategies for implementing ServiceNow CSM in Unified Communications companies.


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