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Your budget. Managed your way.

Your investment in ServiceNow isn’t one-and-done.

You plan for care and feeding throughout the year. But what’s often missed is how much time you spend in endless procurement cycles, gaining approvals and justifying projects you’ve already budgeted for.

Infuze makes it easy.

Bundle the funds you’ve already earmarked for ServiceNow support and development into a single contract, and access anything in the Crossfuze portfolio of service offerings at the click of a button.



One contract. Sky-is-the-limit engagements.

Deposit Your Funds

When you begin the procurement process, you determine whatever amount you’d like to start off with in your account. These funds never expire, and you can add more funds as needed.
Minimums apply.

Crossfuze Routes Your Case

Based on the nature of your case, the Crossfuze team will assign your request to the to the best team for the job, at the rates to match. With specialized teams dedicated to each service type, you can rest assured you’re getting the right team at the right rate.

Log In to Infuze

Submit a case to request any service that Crossfuze offers, from consulting and technology services, to large and small projects, to platform administration and health checks.

Monitor Progress & Manage New Cases

Your Infuze portal is your gateway to everything that Crossfuze has to offer. Submit additional cases, view available funds and keep tabs on any projects in flight in your portal’s at-a-glance dashboard.

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