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ServiceNow Quebec Release

All workflows lead to Quebec. The latest ServiceNow Platform release is packed with the features you need – whether you’re continuing to power your remote workforce, reconfiguring your office to support a hybrid model, or transitioning your teams entirely back to the office.

What’s New in ServiceNow Quebec

At Crossfuze, we’re excited about everything ServiceNow packed into this upgrade. More Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Usage enhance the employee and customer experience. Customizable Mobile workflows meet customers and employees where they are.

Meanwhile, managers can track work progress across teams, accelerate productivity and improve the employee journey with Process Optimization and Journey Accelerator, while an enhanced Safe Workplace Suite helps employees return to the workforce with confidence.

Dive into the resources below to learn more.

Whats new in ServiceNow Quebec Blog - Crossfuze

What’s New in ServiceNow Quebec

In the race to digital transformation, all workflows lead to Quebec. That is, if you’re a ServiceNow customer ready to upgrade. Quebec is set for release in March and the folks at ServiceNow are excited about what this version has to offer.

Prepare for Upgrade

Meet with our experts to view a demo of Quebec and start planning your upgrade.

What’s New in ITOM: Optimize IT Operations

16 MIN | Watch this quick video and learn whats new in Quebec for IT Operations Management.

What’s New in Quebec for CSM

3 MIN | Watch this quick video to learn whats new in Quebec for Customer Service Management.

Get Ready to Upgrade

Each time you upgrade, you get ServiceNow’s latest platform and security enhancements, access to all the latest products and features, and you stay in support. ServiceNow only supports the current version and the one previous. So with the Quebec upgrade, the only platform releases that will be in full support are Paris and Quebec.

By staying current with your upgrades, you’ll see how ServiceNow truly transforms your organization. On average, enterprises on current ServiceNow platforms increase workflow efficiency by up to 25%. Time spent on buildouts and developments drops by as much as 80% and they spend as much as 81% less time on the upgrade process. Regular upgrades allow you to see ServiceNow value faster and accelerate your digital transformation.

Upgrading to Quebec in Seven Easy Steps Blog - Crossfuze

Upgrading to Quebec in Seven Easy Steps

It’s upgrade season at ServiceNow and all roads lead to Quebec. Whether you’re coming from Madrid, New York or Orlando, careful planning will help you avoid roadblocks and ensure success. If you’re not sure where to start, our checklist will guide you on your journey and ensure you reach your digital transformation destination.

ServiceNow Upgrade Best Practices - Crossfuze

ServiceNow Upgrade Best Practices

ServiceNow releases a new version of their platform semi-annually. This means that even when your organization gets up and running on the current version very quickly, there will be a newer version available a few months later. It’s not a question of “if” your organization should upgrade, but “when” or even “how often” your organization should upgrade.

ServiceNow Upgrades FAQ

Check out ServiceNow Upgrades frequently asked questions document as of January 2021.

Jumpstart Your Upgrade

Staying current with your Now Platform lets you take advantage of the new features and functionality designed to help you achieve your business outcomes.

By keeping your instance up to date, you maximize your ServiceNow investment, reduce the risk of encountering issues that have already been resolved, and avoid the issues inherent with running an unsupported release.

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