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At Crossfuze, we embrace the power of change to create value and shared success for our people, communities, clients, and partners. The passion and expertise that our employees bring to work every day is second to none; because we hire the best, you’ll be working with the best.

Work, Thrive, and Grow

Crossfuze sees tremendous value in shaping and reinforcing a culture of diversity, where all employees feel safe and free to bring their true selves to work every day. While we are always working to improve, we are proud to share some of the initiatives we’ve undertaken recently.

We want our employees to make their career with Crossfuze. With an emphasis on promoting from within, we provide training and development opportunities to all employees who seek to learn and grow in their careers. Each of us strives to excel at whatever we do and are committed to exceeding the expectations of each other and our clients.

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We understand the importance of stability and flexibility in an ever-changing world. We embody a modern workplace culture that allows a “work from anywhere” mindset. We employ a non-traditional, remote modern workforce that encourages teamwork, collaboration and innovation while supporting a great work-life balance.

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Compared to other professional services companies, we are the “biggest of the small” and the “smallest of the big.” This means we’re large enough to take on big-name clients and innovative projects, but small enough to know your teammate in a different department.


Crossfuze Employee Benefits

At Crossfuze, we believe:

Quality of work is more important than when or where it’s done

The mental health of our employees and their families is essential

Your time is valuable both at work and away from it

We need personal connections within the company and throughout our communities

For these reasons, Crossfuze offers a variety of benefits designed for Crossfuze employees and the ones they love.

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Half-day Fridays*

Limited internal communications during off hours

*Some exceptions apply based on roles, whereby a comparable benefit is available

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Paid maternity and paternity leave

Newborn, adoption, and fertility assistance

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Flexible remote work options

Autonomy to work when and where you need to

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Sponsored employee gatherings

Generous PTO policies

Additional PTO day for mental health

Extended bereavement leave policies

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Company-funded, employee-led DIB task force

Crossfuze-sponsored community service opportunities

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Competitive healthcare benefits

Matching contributions to retirement plans

Training and development programs

We’re a great place to work!

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Diversity with Intention

Crossfuze sees tremendous value in shaping and reinforcing a culture of diversity, where all employees feel safe and free to bring their true selves to work every day. While we are always working to improve, we are proud to share some of the initiatives we’ve undertaken recently.

Certified Diversity Recruiters

Our Recruiting team is 100% certified by the AIRS Certified Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter course. This training provides our recruiters with tools and strategies to improve our diversity and inclusion efforts.

Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging Training

Crossfuze has engaged a diversity, inclusion, & belonging consultant who has been taking our management team through awareness training on things such as potential unconscious biases, how to promote safety in sharing ideas, etc. Through this training our leaders are more aware of what changes need to be made to continue promoting inclusion and belonging within Crossfuze.

Women in Tech Spotlight

We recognize that women are underrepresented in the tech industry. We are actively working to bring more women to the table, from hosting women-focused training and recruiting events, to supporting careers, showcasing successes, and giving a platform for thought leadership. We hope that when women choose to join the Crossfuze team, they stay for the long haul.

Employee’s Voice

At Crossfuze, the ideas and expertise of our employees are what set us apart from other organizations, the best solutions don’t come from the top down but when employees at all levels have a voice. One way we promote this at Crossfuze is through an employee diversity, inclusion, and belonging task force that seeks to drive change within the organization.

Life @ Crossfuze

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