Webinar | Restore, Evolve, and Transform the University Experience

Discover what this means for your institution during this 1-hour webinar designed for leaders in Higher Ed. Led by a team of Education Industry and Customer Service Management experts from ServiceNow and Crossfuze, this session will outline how to address the demands facing IT and Student Experience leaders in higher education today.

Webinar | ServiceNow Expansion – Top Ways to Move Beyond Phase One

Watch this webinar for a casual and informative discussion and you’ll learn what are the most common next steps to take after phase one and why they will expand the value of the platform, how to implement a new module and the impact on licensing, how setting the right course can make ServiceNow one of your organization’s most valuable tech assets—and increase the value IT can deliver company-wide.

Webinar | Security and Risk: How to Manage Through Crisis and Build Resilience

Watch this webinar to see how you can operationalize security with digitized playbooks that drive process adherence, optimize the existing SIEM investment and vulnerability scanners, gain efficiencies via automation and provide the SOC with actionable, prioritized intelligence, and eliminate manual effort due to after-action reporting, audit preparation, and more!

Webinar | ServiceNow in Action: How a Farm Credit Organization Empowers Employees to Delight their Customers

This engaging discussion will shed light on the realities of putting ServiceNow to work, from crystalizing a long-term vision to getting the right people and processes in place, and the role that a prescriptive partner like Crossfuze plays in achieving the necessary outcomes on an industry-leading platform like ServiceNow.

Webinar | Strategic Leaders Take on 2022: Transforming Work for Today’s World

In an era of upheaval and uncertainty, business leaders have launched into 2022 facing questions that will define the future of their organizations, while often challenging deeply held beliefs about what makes an organization work. Listen in on this discussion among an elite panel of business leaders as they probe into many of these questions and grapple with how organizations are addressing them.

Webinar | The Long Game of Operational Resilience in Financial Services

The rise in regulatory focus occurring alongside the increased demand for an exceptional customer experience presents new challenges for financial services enterprises. Regulations like the UK operational resilience framework and disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic make digital transformation an imperative in this sector. Financial Services organizations across the globe are researching ways to maintain regulatory compliance without sacrificing the customer experience.