Blog | Mastering Digital Transformation: A Summary of the Essential Strategies for Business Success

Digital transformation is hard. So, how do you make it a success? It’s a question asked by countless organisations today, which is why we’re going to address the topic over the next few weeks as part of an insightful five-part blog series.

Blog | Mastering Digital Transformation: Associating Technology Transformation with Business Outcomes

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, technology transformation has become a critical factor for success. But throwing money at technology alone, will not guarantee success. In fact, the success rate of digital transformation initiatives has historically been painfully low. But why?

Video | Friday Fast Fifteen – What to Know About ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace Apps

14 MIN | ServiceNow’s new Safe Workplace Apps are designed to help organizations ensure the safety of their employees, both now as we emerge from the current COVID-19 crisis, and in the future. Hear more about what these apps are, and why they might be a vital component of your digital transformation roadmap. Join Karin Glazier and Justin Meadows for this Friday’s Fast Fifteen!