Video | Friday Fast Fifteen – Building an Effortless Service Desk Experience on ServiceNow

17 MIN | Is creating an “effortless” user experience on ServiceNow achievable, or is it just hyperbole? In this week’s Friday Fast 15, hear from Zach Brand, Director of Managed Services delivery at Crossfuze, as he shares how our award-winning Service Desk uses ServiceNow to create an effortless experience for customers and end-users. Join Kaitlyn Frank and Zach Brand for this Friday’s Fast Fifteen!

eBook | ServiceNow Onboarding Success

This highly interactive workbook will position you for early and often platform wins. Dive in and start building your ServiceNow foundation for success using the workbook’s advice, tips, and dynamic forms. Capture your goals, strategies, and tactics all in one spot. Collaborate and share with colleagues. Communicate and celebrate your wins throughout the organization. It’s easy with the ServiceNow Onboarding Workbook by Crossfuze.

Video | Friday Fast Fifteen – Whats Next After Covid?

19 MIN | Many of us are wondering how COVID-19 and related challenges are going to continue to transform the workforce in the future. Hear from one of our top advisory consultants on what IT and business leaders can expect to face, and some strategic considerations that will help you guide your organizations out of the crisis. Join Karin Glazier and Troy Pesola for this Friday’s Fast Fifteen!

Video | Friday Fast Fifteen – Microsoft Teams for Remote Workforce Enablement

15 MIN | As organizations are increasingly relying on remote communication and collaboration apps, the role of Microsoft Teams has taken the spotlight. Hear from one of our lead Microsoft trainers about how Teams is transforming the way employees work together. Join Holly Petersen and Kaitlyn Frank for this week’s Friday Fast 15!

Case Study | ServiceNow CSM Success – Focus Brands

Focus Brands owns over 5,000 stores across the country. With a growing need to support franchisees, they needed a solution that was robust, comprehensive, and scalable for future growth. They found a solution in ServiceNow CSM. Read this success story to learn how Focus Brands partnered with Crossfuze to further the digital transformation of their customer service model.