What is ServiceNow?

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ServiceNow is a cloud-based workflow automation platform that enables enterprise organizations to improve operational efficiencies by streamlining and automating routine work tasks.

With roots in IT Service Management, ServiceNow has evolved to become the enterprise service management platform for organizations, uniting all business functions from customer service to HR to security, and more.

“ServiceNow is one of those rare software platforms that can show a rapid return on investment, and continue to deliver strong value as the organization expands its use.”

ServiceNow Products

Businesses that use ServiceNow are able to rapidly achieve improved self-service capabilities for all users (both employees and customers) and elevated efficiencies in service operations.


Information Technology Service Management

ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) helps you accelerate your digital transformation by enabling services for your end-users wherever they are, whenever they need it, and from any device they have.

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Information Technology Business Management

Information Technology Business Management (ITBM) is a set of workflows and tools for optimally developing, delivering, and managing business services through an IT-focused lens.

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Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management (CSM) is a set of workflows and tools for optimally overseeing and tracking all interactions with a business’s customers with the goal to comprehensively manage the customer experience (CX).

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Information Technology Asset Management

Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) is a set of business practices and tools for optimally supporting lifecycle management of IT assets with the goal of ITAM helping organizations manage their hardware and software inventory more effectively.

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Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a set of business practices and strategies for optimally managing acquisition, usage, and lifecycle maintenance of software that enables organizations to create an accurate system of record for all software assets.

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Human Resource Service Delivery

HR Service Delivery (HRSD), also known as HR Service Delivery, is a best-practices approach for automating and standardizing HR processes within your organization that enables organizations to provide engaging, holistic HR services to employees.

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Key Benefits of ServiceNow

From planning to operations, companies can transform their IT value chain and drive innovation on a single cloud platform while ensuring better alignment with their business priorities.

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Automates Routine Processes

ServiceNow streamlines employees’ day-to-day workload by automating routine tasks, significantly reducing the amount of time spent on administrative work.

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Assigns And Prioritizes Work Automatically

ServiceNow automatically assigns and prioritizes incoming work requests based on agent availability, capacity, and skill level.

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Maintains Clear Visibility To Stakeholders

ServiceNow provides a single platform for transparency and collaboration in all projects – maintaining clear visibility to all stakeholders at your company.

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Consolidates Systems into a Single Architecture

ServiceNow’s integrations and flexibility allow your company to consolidate various IT systems into a single platform – an advantage in today’s connected workplace.

About ServiceNow as a Company

ServiceNow was founded in 2003 by developer Fred Luddy and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. During its early years, ServiceNow was marketed as an ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) solution and garnered rapid adoption from IT professionals. However, because of its elegant, intuitive platform design, ServiceNow has increasingly been incorporated into other service and business unites across a growing list of industries.

ServiceNow and Partners

ServiceNow relies on partners to sell and implement the platform for their customers. Crossfuze is one of a limited number of ServiceNow partners to earn the top-tier Elite Partner status and has been recognized by ServiceNow for a number of success metrics.

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Modern Services Priorities

ServiceNow looks to three overarching principles that have guided the development and evolution of its business solutions:

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Step 1: Modernize

ServiceNow focuses on accelerating the speed of IT service delivery, with a consumerized experience and service intelligence. Similar to a sophisticated online store, ServiceNow offers users a low friction experience in which the software often anticipates the user’s needs.

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Step 2: Transform

ServiceNow helps companies achieve their digital transformation goals by aligning IT and business initiatives with IT Operations Management; Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC); IT Business Management,; and Software Asset Management (SAM).

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Step 3: Innovate

ServiceNow fuels strategic business growth across an organization. In particular, ServiceNow offers automated, user-friendly solutions for areas such as Security Operations, Customer Service Management, Human Resources, Facilities, and Business Applications.


Begin your custom ServiceNow
Business Case

According to Forrester Consulting’s 2017 The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow report, ServiceNow customers benefit from a 20% increase in IT productivity and enjoy, on average, a 195% ROI and payback in less than nine months.

While Forrester provides numerous benefits and statistics quantifying ServiceNow’s ROI, businesses should also develop a customized business case for their own organization. Crossfuze can create a detailed ServiceNow business case for any qualified organization that requests one.

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Must-read Resources While Evaluating ServiceNow

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ServiceNow Onboarding Success Workbook

This highly interactive workbook will position you for early and often platform wins. Dive in and start building your ServiceNow foundation for success using the workbook’s advice, tips, and dynamic forms. Capture your goals, strategies, and tactics all in one spot. Collaborate and share with colleagues.

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