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Introduction to Software Asset Management

  • Optimizing license usage
  • Eliminating duplication of software licenses
  • Reducing software-related expenses
  • Identifying license agreement violations
  • Informing software purchasing decisions
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The average organization spends 15 hours every week resolving discrepancies among its IT assets.

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The average organization spends 30 hours collecting asset entitlement data in preparation for a major software audit.

As organizations continue to buy more software to support their business environment, spending on software can easily eclipse 20% of IT budgets, according to ServiceNow.

A solid SAM strategy can help your enterprise save time and money.
Best practices include:

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Looking for savings in how software is configured

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Identifying all opportunities to recycle software licenses instead of making new purchases

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Using an SAM platform to automate, accelerate, and improve manual processes

Why ServiceNow SAM

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Start Your ServiceNow ITOM Onboarding Success Story

The highly interactive workbook will position you for early and often platform wins. Dive in and start building your ServiceNow foundation for success using the workbook’s advice, tips, and dynamic forms. It’s easy with the ServiceNow Onboarding Workbook by Crossfuze.

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Five SMART Solutions for your ServiceNow Digital Transformation

Crossfuze SMART programs are designed to help customers achieve faster time-to-value in their digital transformations. SMART offerings are built using standard, best practice configurations supported by robust technical documentation and how-to user video tutorials to help with organizational change management.

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