Security & Integrated Risk Management

Build a complete, board-ready picture of organizational risk.

Cybersecurity Strategy is Business Strategy

Organizational risk remains top of mind for executive leadership. An increased reliance on IT and cybersecurity teams makes it more important than ever for these teams to align with the C-suite.

Our experts can help clarify your needs and create a long-term plan. Learn actionable steps to align cybersecurity and business strategies, be ready with answers to common questions and establish the credibility you need to gain support from stakeholders at the highest level of your organization.


Managing the Cyber Risk Conversation with Executive Stakeholders

Align cybersecurity and business strategies. Our ebook arms CISOs and IT leaders with the insight needed to gain support from leadership, secure funding and take immediate action toward a more resilient future.

Managing the Cyber Risk Conversation with Executive Stakeholders eBook - Crossfuze


Risk management involves identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risks to allow informed judgement on how to spend resources to minimize the profitability and impact of losses. Integrated risk management encompasses areas such as cybersecurity, compliance management, audit management, and more.

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Increase IT & Employee Productivity

With all your data accessible through a single-pane-of-glass, you’ll have access to the information you need to effectively respond to security incidents, remediate vulnerabilities, and make better and faster decisions on minimizing the profitability and impact of losses.

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Compliance Management

Ensure your company’s business practices align with industry best practices, internal policies, regulations, and laws. Non-compliance is a risk that can result in fines, business disruption and loss of brand reputation.

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Audit Management

Validate the effectiveness of compliance controls. Automated control testing eliminates errors during evidence data collection and mitigates the need to manually reconcile test results and metrics.

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Vendor Risk Management

Manage third-party risk by validating the risk management and control environment of those that supply services to your organization.

Security Risk_ How To Manage Through Crisis and Build Resilience Webinar - Crossfuze

Security & Risk: How to Manage Through Crisis and Build Resilience

Since the start of COVID-19, the FBI reports cyberattacks have increased 400%, and endpoint security vendors say phishing and malware scams have seen a 600% increase.

Watch this fireside chat to learn how your Security department can leverage Crossfuze’s ServiceNow security offerings to overcome business challenges.


Our implementation approach emphasizes prescriptive, incremental deployments that minimize risk and deliver wins early and often. By breaking down the full scope of your security and IRM needs into smaller, prioritized components, you can act faster, communicate progress earlier, and build on those successes going forward.


We start with an evaluation of your current risk posture, and work with you to prioritize your greatest needs. From there we develop a plan of execution that makes the most out of your platform and the best use of resources.


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Crossfuze gets you up and running faster (and takes you further)

Our experts draw on years of experience with ServiceNow to identify areas for improved security operations within your organization. With countless solution opportunities available, Crossfuze helps you decide where to start, gets your team up to speed faster – and delivers an even greater ROI on your ServiceNow Security Operations licenses.

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Audit Management

What if you were focused on the external threat landscape (DoS, malware, phishing) while there was an internal threat you didn’t know about?

Join Crossfuze’s Andrea Castillo, Kevin Urbanek, and Anderson Ferneyhough for an overview of the threat posed by misconfiguration.

Responding to Today’s Cybersecurity Landscape

Being a cyber-aware company can be a challenge, but there are ways to build defenses against cyber attackers.

Managing the Data Privacy Challenge with Privacy Hub

Join Ash Townsend from Crossfuze and David Silsby from Wrangu for a digital demonstration of Privacy Hub on the ServiceNow platform.

ServiceNow Expansion | Top Ways to Move Beyond Phase One

The decision to expand usage of the ServiceNow platform can be downright daunting and can often stop your ServiceNow journey in its tracks if you’re not sure where to go next.

4 Essential Elements You Need in Your Integrated Management Plan

Modern, forward-looking businesses need integrated risk management (IRM). IRM is a set of business practices that enables organizations to think proactively and comprehensively about how to manage all risks to the organization, both long and short term.

Integrated Risk Management (IRM) vs. Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC): 3 Key Differences to Understand

If you’re more familiar with the term GRC than IRM, you’re not alone. Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) has been woven into the fabric of countless organizations—a business priority driven primarily by the increasing complexity of the regulatory compliance world.

4 Ways Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Dramatically Improves Compliance and Audits

No matter what industry you’re in, many of your core operations are driven by compliance requirements and subject to routine audits. From finance to legal to regulatory, compliance-related obligations often take up huge chunks of your attention and resources.

SMART Security and Incident Response - Crossfuze

SMART Security and Incident Response

Security and Incident Response is a lot like the game of hockey. You’ve got a team of cyber attackers coming up the middle fast – looking for the perfect scoring opportunity. And they already know where the puck is going to be.