How to Help Your Service Desk Onboard and Offboard in a Remote Environment

While the influx of remote work came unexpectedly, it looks like it’s here to stay. In 2020, Growmotely surveyed over 500 entrepreneurs and professionals about the future of remote work, and the results reflect a strong desire to continue working from home for at least some of the time. Only 3 percent of those surveyed responded that they want to return to working full-time in the office. Similarly, 61 percent of them said they prefer a fully remote work environment, and even more of them—74 percent—said they expect remote work to become the new normal.

Video | Friday Fast Fifteen: Microsoft Managed 365

With Microsoft 365’s many moving parts, organizations need to know how each piece impacts the rest of the platform. In this Friday Fast Fifteen, Karin Glazier talks to experts Zach Brand and Todd Strand about all things Microsoft 365 – from changes that impact the end-user directly to security enhancements taking place in the background. Learn how the platform works with other technologies in your organization and how a properly supported Microsoft 365 platform can elevate the Service Desk in the eyes of the end-user.

Video | Friday Fast Fifteen – Change is here to stay: What does the new Service Desk look like?

18 MIN | In this Friday Fast Fifteen, Karin Glazier and Zach Brand discuss the evolution of the Service Desk, what changed when employees shifted to a remote work model, why using empathy provides a better user experience and how automation and machine learning will shape the service desk of the future.

Video | Friday Fast Fifteen – Microsoft Teams for Remote Workforce Enablement

15 MIN | As organizations are increasingly relying on remote communication and collaboration apps, the role of Microsoft Teams has taken the spotlight. Hear from one of our lead Microsoft trainers about how Teams is transforming the way employees work together. Join Holly Petersen and Kaitlyn Frank for this week’s Friday Fast 15!