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Your operation cannot function properly without accounting for your IT assets. Unfortunately, no matter how many spreadsheets and databases you create, IT Asset Management (ITAM) never seems to get any easier. The problem is these legacy solutions are too manual and too disconnected to provide you with the real-time visibility and high-level insights you require. Modern businesses need to keep track not just of what their assets are, but also when they’re being used, how they’re being used, who is using them, and what the company is supposed to be getting under the terms of its licenses and contracts.

Modern ITAM processes offered through ServiceNow throw all of these outdated solutions out the window for a single, comprehensive cloud-based solution. In fact, the ITAM capabilities that are possible in ServiceNow will enable you to connect all your ServiceNow Asset Management pieces together as they should and to keep your processes continuously moving automatically forward and without interruption.

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Crossfuze Has Mastered the Art of IT Asset Management

ServiceNow Asset Management is a balance between art and science. The greatest determinant to optimizing the configuration of your ITAM systems is the experience. Crossfuze has rare intuition and expertise from helping hundreds of clients implement ServiceNow in complex business environments. We’ll use our hard-earned knowledge to minimize risks and deliver low-stress for you. For example, we will warn you before you attempt to customize your ITAM system beyond what best-practices solutions dictate. We also can work out all of the bugs for you and help you avoid bugs that could delay your progress by weeks. We can anticipate and help you close common gaps between what your end users want and what you plan to deliver.

No matter where you are on your ITAM implementation journey, Crossfuze can help you assess (or reassess) where you are and how to rapidly get to where you want to be. Crossfuze will help you imagine what is possible, and ensure you’ve scoped out a fully articulated ITAM solution that minimizes risks and optimally aligns with your organization’s strategic goals and priorities.

To add more robust capabilities to the ServiceNow Asset Management platform, Crossfuze offers a user-tested and user-approved ServiceNow Turnkey solution. Crossfuze has learned through on-the-ground client experience that the majority of IT organizations share about 80% of the same coding and configuration needs when striving for asset management system maturity. The Crossfuze ServiceNow Asset Management Turnkey works no matter where you are on your roadmap to maturity. Even if you’ve already started developing a customized ITAM solution on your own using ServiceNow, Crossfuze can rapidly assess whether you should continue down your road, or whether you should back up a bit and take advantage of our Turnkey solution. Either way, we’ll help you develop the most streamlined, valuable ITAM solution possible. In fact, we pride ourselves on this flexibility and adaptability; all of our customization efforts revolve around how we can best meet your needs at every stage of your roadmap.

If you rely on BDNA to normalize your ITAM data and enrich it with BDNA’s extensive information library, you can feel confident knowing that Crossfuze’s ITAM solutions are fully compatible with BDNA. In fact, when you configure your ITAM platform using Crossfuze solutions, you’ll discover that your data can be normalized and enriched by BDNA from within the ServiceNow platform itself. Meanwhile, the Crossfuze ITAM Turnkey solution can take all of your BDNA-enriched data and leverage it in a way that automatically generates additional critical insights about individual assets’ full lifecycles. To learn more about this seamless integration, listen to our pre-recorded Asset Management Systems webinar.

When you’re looking for a ServiceNow partner to transform your ITAM processes, you want a partner who will do more than just what you instruct them to do. You want a partner that isn’t shy about questioning your assumptions and pushing back against infeasible or risky customizations. Everything that Crossfuze does is focused on helping you maximize the business value of your ITAM processes, and we won’t let anyone—either us or you—stand in the way of achieving these wins.

If you are ready to learn more about how Crossfuze can get you closer to ServiceNow Asset Management Systems maturity, contact us at And be sure to ask us how our strategic partnership with BDNA can provide you with automated normalization and enrichment of your ITAM data.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Anyone we’ve interacted with at Crossfuze has been very responsive, creative and knowledgeable beyond most. The team has enabled us to extend the value of ServiceNow throughout our organization–so much so, that today, we run our entire business with ServiceNow.”

Michelle Brockney
Director of Business Operations
Integration Partners

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