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Enable the modern, digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees, customers, and enterprise alike.

“Expectations for a new world of work call for connected systems across the organization, an end to data silos, and an enhanced experience for both internal and external customers.”

John Ryan, CMO, Crossfuze

What is a Digital Workflow?

A workflow comprises the interdependent tasks and processes required to achieve a result that no single person can achieve alone.

Manual workflows become digital workflows when companies use software, automation tools, and other technologies to automate manual tasks and processes. By digitizing workflows, companies can cut costs, make disruptive improvements in core business processes, eliminate busywork for employees, and—perhaps most importantly—improve the overall quality of work life for people.

At Crossfuze, we help you connect your company’s prioritized goals with digital workflows using powerful and unified platforms across four main areas.

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Digital Workflows

IT Workflows, ServiceNow Workflows, Crossfuze

IT Workflows

Modern IT workflows lift your user experiences, which leads to improved business performance. Clarity, simplicity, and coordination are advantages in today’s noisy digital world.

Crossfuze Workflows, ServiceNow Workflows, Crossfuze

Customer Workflows

Customer service is a priority and a key to the success of your business. Enable customer service by breaking down silos and automating processes across departments.

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Employee Workflows

Employees expect the power to get answers and help—anytime, anywhere. Employee workflows let you create a unified, consumer‑style employee service experience across IT, HR, Facilities, Finance, and Legal.

Platform Workflows, ServiceNow Workflows, Crossfuze

Platform Workflows

Using a unified platform, connect your systems, apps, and data with end-to-end control using powerful, mobile-first digital workflows.

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The Benefits of Digital Workflows

Automation and the digitization of workflows create an overall positive impact on organizations, both at the employee and customer level as well as at the business level benefits.

The Benefits of Digital Workflows

Automation and the digitization of workflows create an overall positive impact on organizations, both at the employee and customer level as well as at the business level benefits.

Among business leaders globally:

90% - believe process automation has a positive impact on productivity
88% - believe process automation increases customer satisfaction
80% - believe process automation reduces employee turnover
90% - believe process automation frees up employees to focus on more strategic work

Among IT leaders globally:

90% - believe process automation reduces repetitive tasks
85% - believe process automation fosters team collaboration
85%- believe process automation improves job satisfaction
87% - believe process automation increases time available for creativity

Among workers globally:

80% - believe process automation simplifies work, enhances efficiency, and boosts productivity
70% - believe process automation improves job satisfaction and creativity
56%- believe process automation has created jobs in their companies
82% - believe workplace automation had delivered simplified processes

*Data from recent ServiceNow survey of workers and business leaders globally. Click here to learn more.

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