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Elevate and Accelerate Your Project Portfolio Management

Transform how your organization uses Portfolio Project Management to drive productivity and profits.

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Align IT resources and strategy by managing business needs and improving collaboration with stakeholders.

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Work faster with insights you need to avoid project delays with process automation.

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Enhance decision-making with the Portfolio Workbench.

A key of mature ITBM processes, ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management’s intuitive dashboards use simple business management approaches.

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Connect project execution to strategy fulfillment

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Create an organizational culture around support for business management

Cultivates competencies around specific best business management practices

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Strategic Consulting

  • Improve and stabilizes your on-time and on-budget outcomes.
  • Help project managers prioritize projects, assign resources, and track project implementation success metrics.
  • Yield valuable economies of scale across the Project Management Organization (PMO).
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“I can go in front of my executive and say, ‘This is what we will make happen.’ And I know you guys will make that happen.”

Nathalie Pougno, Ricoh
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