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Elevate and Accelerate Your Project
Portfolio Management

From ServiceNow PPM process consulting and implementation support to our flexible Crossfuze ManagedNow support, our specialists are focused on transforming how organizations use Portfolio Project Management to drive productivity and profits.

Improving revenue, optimizing efficiency, and reducing costs are at the forefront of any progressive company. Clearly defined corporate goals, high-powered strategies to achieve them, and executing with excellence on the tactics deliver the desired outcomes.

At the core of all this sits PPM.

ServiceNow PPM grants visibility into all your demand, resources, and project portfolios, enabling you to:

  • Align IT resources with strategy by improving collaboration with stakeholders and managing business needs effectively.
  • Work faster with process automation that gives you the insight you need to avoid project delays.
  • Enhance decision-making with the Portfolio Workbench.
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Nathalie Pougno, Director of Enterprise Applications, Ricoh, Crossfuze

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I can go in front of my executive and say, ‘This is what we will make happen.’ And I know you guys will make that happen.”

Nathalie Pougno, Ricoh

A Crossfuze PPM Customer

ServiceNow PPM Strategic Consulting for Rapid Time-to-Value

Using your goals and expectations as our guide, Crossfuze’s ServiceNow PPM specialists help you conceptualize and reimagine
an enterprise-wide methodology for Project Portfolio Management that:

  • Dramatically improves and stabilizes your on-time and on-budget outcomes
  • Provides project managers with confidence when prioritizing projects, assigning resources, and tracking project implementation success metrics
  • Yields valuable economies of scale across the PMO

Think Smart. Launch with SMART PPM.

Deploy ServiceNow PPM the SMART way. With battle-tested configurations, you’ll ensure the long-term stability and utility of your PPM instance.

SMART PPM stays true to ServiceNow’s out-of-the-box best-practice configurations. When using SMART PPM, you’re guaranteed a 30-day,
fixed price implementation, as well as a full-project-visibility progress dashboard.

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Eliminate Surprises and Misunderstandings

SMART PPM provides a dashboard accessible to every member of your team that lays out the real-time status of every implementation task and milestone. Surprises and misunderstandings are eliminated, and you’re no longer only reliant on humans to manually communicate progress. Everything you need to know is automatically made available to you 24/7 simply by looking at your implementation dashboard.

Access User Training “In the Box”

SMART PPM includes an “in the box” repository of video training sessions for those who will use PPM on a daily basis, including Project Managers, Resource Managers, Demand Managers, and Project Team members. These videos provide the core concepts that will be needed for driving successful organizational change within your organization.

Stay on Track and in Scope

The SMART PPM deployment approach helps everyone in your organization rally around a common, streamlined vision for PPM, right from the outset. You can rest assured you’ll hit your launch target by eliminating the threat of scope creep and out-of-budget add-ons.

The SMART Solution

Strategic| Adheres strictly to best-practice configurations.
Market-tested | Proven to deliver across demanding industries.
Affordable | Provides an industry-leading, fixed-price guarantee.
Rapid | Maximizes time-to-value for your ServiceNow investment.
Transparent | Offers real-time implementation status via Statusfuze.

Support Your PPM Long Term

SMART PPM gives your ServiceNow technical team the tools and experience to support your PPM platform over the long term. You’ll benefit from: Robust Smart PPM documentation. Formal mentoring by Crossfuze implementation experts. In-depth, hands-on experience with PPM.

Long after your initial implementation, your in-house technical team will be well-positioned to effectively and efficiently support your PPM solution.

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