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If your organization uses both ServiceNow and the Slack collaboration hub, there’s no reason for your employees to constantly be toggling between the two platforms. Crossfuze’s ServiceNow Approvals Integration for Slack gives you the flexibility to perform key ServiceNow functions—and sync key records—from directly within Slack.

Crossfuze’s ServiceNow Approvals Integration for Slack revolves around solving specific pain points for ServiceNow customers. Like our other ServiceNow integrations—including Salesforce, JIRA, and TFS—you’ll immediately begin realizing the value of Crossfuze’s out-of-the-box Slack integration solutions.

The Crossfuze ServiceNow Approvals Integration for Slack enables ServiceNow users to approve change requests and catalog items from inside Slack—without ever logging into ServiceNow. Here’s how it works:

  • ServiceNow users receive real-time Slack notifications about change requests and catalog items that require their approval.
  • Without ever logging into ServiceNow, the ServiceNow approver can click “approve” or “reject,” as well as attach comments.
  • The approval decision and any associated comments flow automatically into ServiceNow in real time.

Based on user experience, ServiceNow approval requests happen nearly 92% faster!

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