eBook | The Essential Guide to Supercharging Your ServiceNow Journey

We looked at all of the demands submitted via the Crossfuze ManagedNow portal over the past year to come up with a baker’s dozen list of the most popular demands. This isn’t an exhaustive menu of tasks available to you—remember, any ideas can be submitted through your portal—but rather, this is a starting place meant to serve as inspiration, to share something new you didn’t know was possible before, and to get a glimpse of where other ServiceNow customers are focusing their attention.

eBook | ServiceNow Onboarding Success

This highly interactive workbook will position you for early and often platform wins. Dive in and start building your ServiceNow foundation for success using the workbook’s advice, tips, and dynamic forms. Capture your goals, strategies, and tactics all in one spot. Collaborate and share with colleagues. Communicate and celebrate your wins throughout the organization. It’s easy with the ServiceNow Onboarding Workbook by Crossfuze.

eBook | 7 Pillars of Organizational Change Management to Achieve ServiceNow Wins

The 7 Pillars of Organizational Change Management to Achieve ServiceNow Wins is a practical, how-to guidebook for developing and using OCM strategies to achieve lasting digital transformation. Readers will learn how to initiate change, engage optimally with employees, navigate roadblocks to change, and measure the effectiveness of change. At the end of each chapter are key takeaways that can be used as talking points with colleagues to help spark successful ServiceNow OCM across the organization. Enjoy!

Video | What is the Pillars of ServiceNow Success Book Series?

5 MIN | Karin Glazier, Director of Marketing and Brand at Crossfuze briefly explains what readers will learn from the four books in the Pillars of ServiceNow Success series. Watch her video and download the eBooks today or request your set of printed copies of all four books. If you are interested in bulk orders of the books, please send an email to pillars@crossfuze.com. Thank you for watching the video and enjoy the Pillars of ServiceNow Success books!