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Introduction to
IT Operations Management

IT Operations Management (ITOM) includes services, processes, and best practices for IT operations availability, efficiency and performance. Through ITOM, organizations reduce infrastructure spending, improve existing resource utilization and reduce risks due to human error.

IT Operations Management:

  • Improves IT service consistency and reliability
  • Automates processes through AI and machine learning
  • Proactively identifies and resolve problems
  • Right-sizes IT resources in lockstep with real-time usage demands
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A continued shift in focus to software, agility and experience as organizations continue to become more digital

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23% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) in total software application workloads and containers instances through 2023

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15% of enterprise applications will run in a container environment by 2024

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Accelerating public cloud usage and evolving DevOps strategy and the relationship with IT

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60% of organizations using automation to deploy new computer resources, reduce deployment time and deliver greater agility by 2025

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48% of employees will continue to work from home

Successful IT infrastructure and operations leaders will evolve to provide agile infrastructure and know how the services and processes they manage support and enable the organization’s overall business strategy.

Why Businesses Choose ServiceNow ITOM

ServiceNow offers a best-in-class IT Operations Management
solution with four main advantages:


Powered by ServiceNow’s industry-leading AIOps, ServiceNow ITOM uses AI to automate and improve resolutions faster and more effectively than ever before.


With extensive resources and tools to support cloud implementations, ServiceNow ITOM ensures the business can build and quickly deploy optimally designed cloud infrastructure.

According to Gartner, ServiceNow’s ITOM rating remains overwhelmingly positive. Recent acquisitions including Element AI (AI), Sweagle (SACM), Intellibot (automation) and Lightstep (observability) have only made the solution stronger.

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The Connected Anywhere Operation Journey

With information and best practices for every stage of your digital transformation journey, this guidebook provides a roadmap for success.


In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn about One Savings Bank’s journey toward operational resilience and how they’re moving toward the future using ServiceNow ITOM.



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