What is ServiceNow IT Operations Management?

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IT Operations Management (ITOM) is a set of services, processes, and best practices for optimizing the availability, efficiency, and performance of an organization’s IT operations. Through IT Operations Management, the organization reduces infrastructure spending, improves utilization of existing resources, and reduces risks due to human error. The goals of IT Operations Management are to:

  • Improve consistency and reliability of IT services
  • Take advantage of AI and machine learning to automate processes
  • Move away from reactive problem-solving to proactive prevention
  • Right-size IT resources in lockstep with real-time usage demands

Why Businesses Need ITOM

The IT infrastructure and operations industry is evolving rapidly. Traditionally, the industry has focused on providing engineering and operations-focused services for a defined set of employees working in a defined location with defined data centers. But with the rise of the cloud, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and edge services, the traditional role of IT infrastructure and operations is fast-becoming obsolete.

Recent research from the business intelligence firm Gartner found that:

To be successful, IT infrastructure and operations leaders will need to evolve to provide agile infrastructure. And they will need to recognize that the services and processes they manage must support and enable the organization’s overall business strategy.

Why Businesses Choose ServiceNow for ITOM

ServiceNow offers a best-in-class IT Operations Management solution that offers three main advantages:

Full visibility:

ServiceNow ITOM provides full visibility of all infrastructure and services from a single source, enabling the business to focus on improving quality, reducing risk, and optimizing infrastructure spend across its entire IT infrastructure and operations organization.

Accelerated resolutions:

ServiceNow ITOM is powered by ServiceNow’s industry-leading AIOps, which uses AI to automate and improve resolutions faster and more effectively than humans could.

Cloud implementation:

ServiceNow ITOM’s extensive resources and tools to support cloud implementations ensure that the business can build and quickly deploy optimally designed cloud infrastructure.

Gartner recently reviewed five main components of the ServiceNow ITOM platform (Discovery, Service Mapping, Event Management, Orchestration, Cloud Management) as well as other components of the ServiceNow ecosystem. Based on that review, Gartner gave ServiceNow an overall Positive rating. Gartner specifically cited ServiceNow’s:

  • well-established customer base
  • single-platform approach
  • clear vision for the future
  • strengths in execution and operations

Achieve Strong ROI with ITOM

Businesses with very different sets of IT infrastructure challenges consistently achieve strong ROI when they implemented ServiceNow ITOM:


TransAlta, an electricity power generator and wholesale marketing company operating 70+ plants, achieved an 80% reduction in service outages upon implementing ServiceNow ITSM, which freed up resources to implement ServiceNow ITOM to improve IT service delivery and performance.

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National Air Traffic Services, a U.K.-based provider of air traffic control services, implemented a zero-incident culture after rolling out ServiceNow ITSM and ITOM, as well as reduced the time for new hires to gain required engineering validation by 50%. The company attributed these successes in large part to ServiceNow ITOM’s single pane of glass view and machine learning capabilities.

An analysis by Forrester showed that businesses consistently benefit when they implement ServiceNow, with the average organization realizing $17.3 million in total present value during a three-year period vs. $5.9 million in costs. Significantly, IT service and operations managers reported achieving a measurable improvement of customer satisfaction scores among end-users who interacted with IT.

Where ITOM Is Headed

IT Operations Management will play an increasingly front-and-center role in driving business strategy and innovation. The IT operations market is expected to grow by 39% globally from 2016 to 2022, to $19.8 billion, according to a forecast from the analyst firm ReportLinker.


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According to Forrester Consulting’s 2017 The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow report, ServiceNow customers benefit from a 20% increase in IT productivity and enjoy, on average, a 195% ROI and payback in less than nine months.

While Forrester provides numerous benefits and statistics quantifying ServiceNow’s ROI, businesses should also develop a customized business case for their own organization. Crossfuze can create a detailed ServiceNow business case for any qualified organization that requests one.

ServiceNow Products

Businesses that use ServiceNow are able to rapidly achieve improved self-service capabilities for all users (both employees and customers) and elevated efficiencies in service operations.


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