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IT Consulting Services and Advisory

Our consulting and advisory services bridge the gap between technology and the business to bring a completeness of vision and execution on your business strategy.

For Business Success in the Digital Age

The rate of digital transformation is accelerating, and with it the pressure to stay competitive using modernized workflows and digital processes. To survive and to thrive, the business requires reduced workflow times, improved user satisfaction, and innovative technology, all adding up to improved user experiences for the digital age.

By tying your technology roadmap to your business goals, you’ll ensure you’re building the foundation needed to grow and adapt to the shifting business landscape.

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Your Advocates and Educators

With Crossfuze, you get more than a consultant. You get true partners: advocates and educators to help you build and grow a technology-enabled organization.

Our consulting and advisory team doesn’t shy away from difficult conversations. They will identify the core purpose of your business and keep that purpose at the center of decision-making throughout the engagement. Rooted in insight on the latest industry research and trends, our relevant and comprehensive consulting practice stands upon three pillars:

A Superior Approach, IT Managed Services, Crossfuze

A Superior Approach to Execution

Projects achieve higher velocity with less risk due to our combination of industry best practices and extensive experience with technology implementations

Business Process Consulting, IT Managed Services, Crossfuze

Business Process Consulting Expertise

Your project is strengthened through our team’s expertise: Lean Six Sigma, ITIL, Organizational Change Management, Governance of Enterprise IT, SecOps, Support Center Management, Knowledge Centered Support, CX Focused

Strategic Thinking, IT Managed Services, Crossfuze

Strategic Thinking

You will know where you are today, what your next steps are, and what tomorrow needs to look like to better serve the growth and performance goals of your organization.

Our Advisory Capabilities

Business Process Consulting

  • Leverage our deep expertise in technology consulting to make confident decisions for your business

Business Case

  • Fuel change with a clear vision and CFO-ready business case

Roadmapping, Strategy Design and Planning

  • Craft a clear vision for long-term growth and success

Organizational Change Management

  • See adoption expectations met and even exceeded by applying our OCM discipline to every engagement

Platform Utilization and Process Assessment

  • Understand the current state of use and get recommendations for adoption, a health check, and a near-term platform roadmap


  • Ensure your users understand and adopt the changes to come

Success Resources


7 Pillars of Organizational Change Management to Achieve ServiceNow Wins

The 7 Pillars of Organizational Change Management to Achieve ServiceNow Wins is a practical, how-to guidebook for developing and using OCM strategies to achieve lasting digital transformation.

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How to Be Recession Proof. Hint: It’s Technology.

I am not an economist; I don’t even play one on TV. Maybe that’s a moot point since economists often cancel each other out. As Nobel laureate Paul Samuelson famously quipped, “Economists have correctly predicted nine of the last five recessions.” For the reader, I have gathered specific content based on strong-methodology research from subject matter experts who advise executives and leaders.

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What it Means to Be a Transformation IT Leader with Martha Heller

Designed especially for IT leaders, Martha inspires you to embrace your role as an enterprise leader, think in terms of “products” (not “projects”), and replace order-taking with co-creation.

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