the BDNA + ServiceNow Asset Management Integration Webinar

BDNA customer?  You won’t want to miss this webinar that demonstrates how our ServiceNow Asset Management Turnkey integrates with BDNA to achieve greater agility and speed for you, and your users and customers.

That’s right!  This integration activates new, powerful and valuable functinoalities for both ServiceNow and BDNA platforms. User-Inspired.  User-Approved.  User-Tested.  We’ll show you how BDNA enhances the Asset Management Turnkey, and vice versa, all the while making the case that it will further prove the investment of both platforms to the C-Suite.

Plus, BDNA will be present to testify to the integration’s value!

It starts with your registration!

Discover how you can achieve greater speed and agility by integrating BDNA with ServiceNow Asset Management.

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