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Security and Integrated Risk Management

Build a Complete, Board-ready Picture of Organizational Risk

Vision and Strategy for the Near- and Far-term

Organizational risk is increasingly top of mind for executive leadership and boards of directors who look to Infosec, Enterprise Risk & Compliance teams and IT for answers. Leverage our team of experts to help define and clarify your needs and create a plan with both immediate actions and longer-term vision.

With a documented plan in place, you’ll be equipped with the strategy you need to answer questions and gain support from your stakeholders at the highest levels.

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Integrated Risk Management Solutions

Risk management involves identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risks to allow informed judgement on how to spend resources to minimize the probability and impact of losses. Integrated risk management encompasses areas such as cybersecurity, compliance management, audit management, and more.

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Security Operations

Improve your security posture with structured workflows and management dashboards. With all your data accessible through a single-pane-of-glass, you’ll have access to the information you need to effectively respond to security incidents, remediate vulnerabilities, and make better and faster decisions on minimizing the probability and impact of losses.

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Compliance Management

Ensure your company’s business practices align with industry best practices, internal policies, regulations, and laws. Non-compliance is a risk that can result in fines, business disruption and loss of brand reputation.

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Audit Management

Validate the effectiveness of compliance controls. Automated control testing eliminates errors during evidence data collection and mitigates the need to manually reconcile test results and metrics.

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Vendor Risk Management

Manage third-party risk by validating the risk management and control environment of those that supply services to your organization.

Fast Results. Low Risk Implementation.

Our implementation approach emphasizes prescriptive, incremental deployments that minimize risk and deliver wins early and often. By breaking down the full scope of your security and IRM needs into smaller, prioritized components, you can act faster, communicate progress earlier, and build on those successes going forward.

How we do it:

We start with an evaluation of your current risk posture, and work with you to prioritize your greatest needs. From there we develop a plan of execution that makes the most out of your platform and the best use of resources.

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Deep and Wide Expertise

Get the right resource at the right time. Our team is built of industry veterans with expertise across the ServiceNow platform, from advisory to integrations to orchestration. With this breadth of talent at the ready, you can rest assured you’ll have the best team on the job.

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