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Digital Transformation, as a Service

Expectations for a new world of work call for connected systems across the organization, an end to data silos, and an enhanced experience for both internal and external customers. When forward-thinking organizations adopt ServiceNow as a core part of their Digital Transformation strategy, they’re able to rise up to these expectations. And with the right ServiceNow partner at their side, the impact is unstoppable.

How do we know this? We had to address these challenges ourselves to help our customers serve theirs.

We saw a solution in ServiceNow. After deploying the ITSM solution internally, we took our business to the next level. Now, as the first and only end-to-end partner providing solutions for the full ServiceNow lifecycle, we help our customers do the same by helping them deploy, manage, and serve with ServiceNow as the engine of their digital transformation.

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ServiceNow-Onboarding-SuccessThis highly interactive workbook will position you for early and often platform wins.

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A preferred ServiceNow partner, with the medals to prove it

A powerful, streamlined platform that helps you rapidly reduce costs, lower risk, and improve business agility

IT Service Management

With ServiceNow ITSM, you get a powerful, streamlined platform that helps you rapidly reduce costs, lower risk, improve business agility, and boost IT innovation. From battle-tested implementation methodology to ongoing post-implementation support, we offer full-service ITSM solutions to suit your needs.

Learn more about ITSM

HR Service Delivery

With ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, give employees the service experience they deserve. Eliminate frustration and improve employee satisfaction with a single access point for efficient, personalized HR services.

Learn more about HRSD

Customer Service Management

ServiceNow CSM helps you deliver better service, from request to resolution, by connecting your customer service with other teams to resolve issues quickly and proactively. We’re driven to help you combine our hard-earned best practices with the ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) platform.

Learn more about CSM

Security Operations & GRC

Security Operations provides a single platform for responding to incidents and vulnerabilities, and can enrich incidents with threat intelligence to further expedite response.

Learn more about SecOps & GRC

IT Operations Management

ServiceNow ITOM grants you enhanced visibility, improved availability, and increased agility while helping you manage hybrid clouds. Whether you want a single module or the full suite of ITOM applications, we have the resources to help you implement modules across the entire ITOM application portfolio.

Learn more about ITOM

IT Business Management

With ServiceNow ITBM, run IT like a business Drive strategic portfolio planning and execution. Align work to business priorities, redirect spend to critical apps, and speed time to value.

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Crossfuze ServiceNow Solutions

ServiceNow Deployments

Whether you’re starting with just a few modules or planning for a full-scale transformation, our battle-tested deployment methodology will ensure you find success with ServiceNow throughout your journey.

ServiceNow Integrations

ServiceNow supports integrations with third-party applications to enable a single source of truth while transferring data between applications.

ServiceNow Development

Engage in ServiceNow enhancement projects, upgrades, training, product support, roadmapping sessions, and more.

A preferred ServiceNow partner, with the medals to prove it

A powerful, streamlined platform that helps you rapidly reduce costs, lower risk, and improve business agility

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner and customer, ServiceNow has become the backbone of our entire business. Since implementing ServiceNow, we’ve invested thousands of hours developing best practices, third-party integrations, and analytics capabilities that support the entire spectrum of customer needs. We bring this experience to every deployment, and we understand how best to leverage everything the ServiceNow platform has to offer once live.

Crossfuze ManagedNow™ makes it easier to get things done

How long does it take to get a typical project off the ground?

Working with an outside vendor requires initial project scoping, price quoting, and approvals. It can take several weeks or even months to kick off even simple projects.

And bringing projects in-house typically isn’t much easier. Hiring, training, and retaining multiple people who specialize in developing these platforms is a lengthy and expensive process, often wrought with unknowns.

With Crossfuze ManagedNow™, you skip all that by using pre-allocated funds to leverage the experts we have on staff, and only pay for the time and work you need. Crossfuze ManagedNow™ is the full spectrum support option you need to stay focused on your business and maximize the ROI of your technology stack.

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“Anyone we’ve interacted with at Crossfuze has been very responsive, creative and knowledgeable beyond most. The team has enabled us to extend the value of ServiceNow throughout our organization–so much so, that today, we run our entire business with ServiceNow.”

Michelle Brockney
Director of Business Operations
Integration Partners

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