ServiceNow Integrations

Why Integrate ServiceNow?

Create Your Ideal Application Environment

Your ServiceNow instance is an exceptional platform for driving digital transformation, centralizing applications, and increasing visibility across IT. And leveraging the integration capabilities inherent to ServiceNow can expand those benefits to your other business-critical applications.

Integrating ServiceNow with third-party applications will enable a single source of truth while transferring data between applications. These can be out of the box solutions native to the platform, accessed through the ServiceNow store or the Integration Hub, or custom built based on your unique business needs.

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, we have developed deep expertise in integrating ServiceNow with a plethora of third party applications and have designed standard integrations with common business applications including:

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Slack Integration
Salesforce Integration

Crossfuze’s Methodology

Driven for Continuous Improvement

Our experience with the ServiceNow platform as a partner and a client helps us understand both the intricacies of ServiceNow and the applications most commonly integrated with it. With a growing list of standard integrations available, we’ve developed a methodology that helps our customers better understand their business needs and create an integration plan to match.

And it all starts with defining your business objectives:

How would you measure success?

  • Better productivity?
  • Stronger reporting?
  • Cost savings?

What pain points are you addressing?

  • Inconsistent data?
  • Duplicative work?
  • Incomplete reporting?

What is your ideal environment?

  • Fully automated?
  • Email notifications for changes?
  • Triggered or scheduled sync?

Crossfuze’s Slack Approvals Integration
for ServiceNow

Streamline and Automate with Crossfuze Slack Integration Services for ServiceNow

If your organization uses both ServiceNow and the Slack collaboration hub, there’s no reason for your employees to constantly be toggling between the two platforms. Crossfuze’s ServiceNow Approvals Integration for Slack gives you the flexibility to perform key ServiceNow functions—and sync key records—from directly within Slack.

What Makes Crossfuze Different?

Crossfuze offers a unique set of capabilities designed for modern IT organizations.

A world class, 24/7 Service Desk with a Net Promoter Score of 84

Incentivized to solve issues at their source

Specialists in serving the unique needs of middle market customers

A full staff of every-level experts provide on demand service

Both part-time supplemental support and full-time service to meet varying customer needs

Ability to partner long-term and offer additional services as you grow

What Our Customers Think

“With the Slack Approvals Integration for ServiceNow, we’re able to process requests and service our colleagues faster. Streamlining internal processes enables us to positively impact both the employee and customer experience.”

Eric Espeseth

CIO – Origami Risk

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