the Service Catalog Turnkey

Have you KISSed your ServiceNow Service Catalog? I know what you may be thinking, but if you don’t find implementing and streamlining your entire catalog administration process to be simple, you should watch this webinar.

Simplicity in customizing and optimizing your ServiceNow platform is at the heart of our ServiceNow Turnkeys, especially the Service Catalog Turnkey. So as the IT experience continues to evolve for users and customers of IT services, shouldn’t you expect your Service Catalog to keep pace without the need for additional development time, risk and other complications? We think so. Here’s just a few of the Service Catalog Turnkey’s 200+ user-inspired updates and best practices:

End user enhancements: catalog drafts that allow users to save complex orders and return later, and copy item functionality to easily repeat similar orders.

Catalog developer tools: default change workflows and structure for instantaneous item generations and change rollbacks, automated approval requests and more.

Service Desk features: deliver a requested item-based model to users that enables copying requests for other employees, two-step checkouts and more.

…and more!

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