Onboarding: Improving the employee experience

The Crossfuze Onboarding Quickfuze application will get you 80% of the way toward your final product, allowing you to focus on the configurations that truly are unique to your organization. With the Onboarding application, you can count on:


Elimination of months of custom coding and development


Behind-the-scenes approvals and tasks connected logically to order forms


Workflow logic that puts common event sequences in proper order


Ability to track onboarding activities in real-time through full lifecycle


Visibility and oversight of high-risk offboarding activities


A user interface that is accessible and straightforward for all users

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Anyone we’ve interacted with at Crossfuze has been very responsive, creative and knowledgeable beyond most. The team has enabled us to extend the value of ServiceNow throughout our organization–so much so, that today, we run our entire business with ServiceNow.”

Michelle Brockney
Director of Business Operations
Integration Partners

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