eBook | 7 Pillars of ServiceNow Success for Transportation and Logistics Leaders

This eBook provides best practices and essential strategies for digitally transforming your transportation and logistics company to create more reliable, cost-effective, customer-friendly operations. You’ll learn how transportation and logistics leaders across the industry use digital transformation to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

Blog | Get to Pro: 4 Best Practices for the Management of ServiceNow ITSM Pro’s Virtual Agent

One of the most powerful features of ITSM Pro is Virtual Agent, an AI-powered chatbot that provides an intuitive support experience for employees and customers, helping to resolve common requests. Let’s dive into four best practices to help your team implement and manage ServiceNow ITSM Pro’s Virtual Agent for long-term, agile success.

Blog | Get to Pro: How to Guarantee Excellent Change Management as you Upgrade to ServiceNow ITSM Pro

How can your organization develop an excellent change management strategy to ensure everything goes to plan as you jump into ServiceNow ITSM Pro? Let’s dive into four essential best practices to help you assure your team has the support needed to tackle valuable transformation.

Blog | Get to Pro: 4 Ways ServiceNow ITSM Pro Predictive Intelligence Empowers Your Staff with Greater Productivity and Experiences

ServiceNow ITSM Pro offers companies an opportunity to drive greater experiences through Predictive Intelligence, a feature that provides intuitive automation and even more seamless workflows. Let’s explore four specific ways this powerful AI tool empowers your staff with better experiences.

Blog | The Best New Features from the ServiceNow Tokyo Release

As the workplace continues to shift rapidly in the face of mounting competition and change, business leaders must find ways to differentiate their companies from the crowd. ServiceNow recognizes this need, and they are similarly adapting to provide leaders with the latest and greatest developments.

Blog | Revolutionize Your Decision-Making with ServiceNow: How the Platform Empowers Enterprises to Utilize Data Insights

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, making data-informed decisions is vital for any enterprise seeking to stay ahead of the competition. As businesses collect a multitude of data points and metrics, understanding how to consolidate this vast amount of information can lead to confusion and information overload. This is where ServiceNow comes in, empowering companies to streamline data usage and make more informed decisions.