Blog | The Paralegal, the Law Firm, and the ServiceNow Elite Partner

Hey! Generative AI is big right now. So, just for fun, the team wanted to see what the bots had to say about digital transformation in the law firm. Turns out they have a pretty good sense of humor. So, pull up your wingback chair, light your fireplace and enjoy this all-too-relatable tale.

Blog | Mastering Digital Transformation: A Summary of the Essential Strategies for Business Success

Digital transformation is hard. So, how do you make it a success? It’s a question asked by countless organisations today, which is why we’re going to address the topic over the next few weeks as part of an insightful five-part blog series.

Blog | The Best Law Firms in the World Don’t Outsource, They Out-Automate

In an era where leading law firms are rapidly distinguishing themselves with innovative operational strategies, mastering automation is vital to gaining a significant competitive edge. In essence, we’ve reached the age of extensive automation where prestigious law firms don’t merely outsource—they out-automate.

Webinar | Restore, Evolve, and Transform the University Experience

Discover what this means for your institution during this 1-hour webinar designed for leaders in Higher Ed. Led by a team of Education Industry and Customer Service Management experts from ServiceNow and Crossfuze, this session will outline how to address the demands facing IT and Student Experience leaders in higher education today.

Webinar | ServiceNow Expansion – Top Ways to Move Beyond Phase One

Watch this webinar for a casual and informative discussion and you’ll learn what are the most common next steps to take after phase one and why they will expand the value of the platform, how to implement a new module and the impact on licensing, how setting the right course can make ServiceNow one of your organization’s most valuable tech assets—and increase the value IT can deliver company-wide.

Webinar | Security and Risk: How to Manage Through Crisis and Build Resilience

Watch this webinar to see how you can operationalize security with digitized playbooks that drive process adherence, optimize the existing SIEM investment and vulnerability scanners, gain efficiencies via automation and provide the SOC with actionable, prioritized intelligence, and eliminate manual effort due to after-action reporting, audit preparation, and more!

eBook | Managing the Cyber Risk Conversation with Executive Stakeholders

Managing cyber risk is more crucial than ever. Get this guide written exclusively for CISO’s for strategies on how to evolve from IT leaders to business leaders, arm executive stakeholders with the right data to elevate the cyber risk conversation, and secure the proper funding to manage risk at your organization and remain resilient for years to come.