Video | Friday Fast Fifteen – Using ServiceNow Data to Uncover Opportunities

19 MIN | ServiceNow is not a small investment, and organizations need to get every ounce of return on that investment possible. In this episode, you’ll learn how IT teams are uncovering incremental improvement opportunities hidden in their ServiceNow data that have far-reaching effects. Hear real-world stories and tips from Shawn Willson, who has helped hundreds of customers to maximize their value in the ServiceNow platform.

Video | Friday Fast Fifteen – What to Know About ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace Apps

14 MIN | ServiceNow’s new Safe Workplace Apps are designed to help organizations ensure the safety of their employees, both now as we emerge from the current COVID-19 crisis, and in the future. Hear more about what these apps are, and why they might be a vital component of your digital transformation roadmap. Join Karin Glazier and Justin Meadows for this Friday’s Fast Fifteen!

Video | Friday Fast Fifteen – Addressing Operational Complexity with BPO

9 MIN | As business processes become more and more complex, organizations require more sophisticated solutions for managing those processes. In this week’s Friday Fast Fifteen, learn how Crossfuze’s ServiceNow customers are finding new efficiencies through Business Process Outsourcing that make a significant impact on their bottom line.

Video | Friday Fast Fifteen – How to Reimagine, Realign, and Recreate Your Strategic Roadmap

20 MIN | As we approach the midpoint of 2020, it’s clear that the roadmaps we had in mind back in January now require some significant detours. This week, we chat with Troy Pesola on the Crossfuze Advisory team to get some actionable ideas and advice on how to reimagine, realign, and recreate your roadmap in this new-normal world we’re in now.

eBook | The Essential Guide to Supercharging Your ServiceNow Journey

We looked at all of the demands submitted via the Crossfuze ManagedNow portal over the past year to come up with a baker’s dozen list of the most popular demands. This isn’t an exhaustive menu of tasks available to you—remember, any ideas can be submitted through your portal—but rather, this is a starting place meant to serve as inspiration, to share something new you didn’t know was possible before, and to get a glimpse of where other ServiceNow customers are focusing their attention.

Video | Friday Fast Fifteen – Building an Effortless Service Desk Experience on ServiceNow

17 MIN | Is creating an “effortless” user experience on ServiceNow achievable, or is it just hyperbole? In this week’s Friday Fast 15, hear from Zach Brand, Director of Managed Services delivery at Crossfuze, as he shares how our award-winning Service Desk uses ServiceNow to create an effortless experience for customers and end-users. Join Kaitlyn Frank and Zach Brand for this Friday’s Fast Fifteen!

Webinar | Elite Group – A ServiceNow CSM Success Story

60 MIN | Here to share his own experience implementing ServiceNow Customer Service Management is Greg Voller, Head of Technology at Elite Group. Join Greg and our own CSM experts for an in-depth discussion covering unified Communications industry trends and success drivers, the role that customer service will play in the industry, proven strategies for implementing ServiceNow CSM in Unified Communications companies.

Webinar | Managing the Data Privacy Challenge with Privacy Hub

46 MIN | Join Ash Townsend from Crossfuze and David Silsby from Wrangu for a digital demonstration of Privacy Hub on the ServiceNow platform where you’ll learn how to build automated processes into your ServiceNow platform, manage all incoming “Rights Requests” using the power of NOW flow and automation, enable IT helpdesks to trigger Data Privacy tasks when uncovering a potential data breach, and more!