Webinar | Evaluating ServiceNow and the Resources That Can Help You

22 MIN | Are you considering ServiceNow? Or, maybe you’ve already discovered the power of the platform and are ready for Phase II of your journey. This webinar will cover best practices for evaluating the ServiceNow platform, as well as share resources that will help you make informed decisions.

Webinar | Service Catalog Quickfuze Application

23 MIN | Discover how you can achieve greater speed and agility with ServiceNow Service Catalog. Have you KISSed your ServiceNow Service Catalog? I know what you may be thinking, but if you don’t find implementing and streamlining your entire catalog administration process to be simple, you should watch this webinar.

Webinar | Customer Service Management Quickfuze Application

54 MIN | Discover how you can achieve greater speed and agility with ServiceNow CSM. How do these numbers impact service delivery at your organization — 36, 127 and 163? If you missed ServiceNow’s Survey Report on Customer Service, you may want to watch our webinar to see how our CSM Quickfuze application can help you keep pace with the customer service leaders who are achieving better service delivery with these strategies

Webinar | Asset Management Quickfuze Application

51 MIN | Join Crossfuze’s Shawn Willson and Jacob Andersen, the first integration implementation specialist at ServiceNow, and discover how the Asset Management Quickfuze application can maximize your Asset Management and ServiceNow in a matter of weeks, not months, and watch a demo that proves how this can be the next-step in transforming your complex IT environment into a business-facing organization.