Webinar | Evaluating ServiceNow and the Resources That Can Help You

22 MIN | Are you considering ServiceNow? Or, maybe you’ve already discovered the power of the platform and are ready for Phase II of your journey. This webinar will cover best practices for evaluating the ServiceNow platform, as well as share resources that will help you make informed decisions.

Webinar | Top 10 Competencies of the Modern IT Leader by Martha Heller

54 MIN | “Communication,” “business acumen,” and “relationship building” are all familiar entries on every “Top IT Executive Skills” list ever written. While these attributes continue to be important, in our current climate of risk, innovation and IT opportunity, they are just a drop in the bucket. The modern IT executive must be capable of so much more.

Webinar | Organizational Change Management & ServiceNow

60 MIN | What does it mean to be a ServiceNow Champion? Our special guest from ServiceNow, Bimala Tullock, is joined by Crossfuze CMO John Ryan for an educational discussion on the ServiceNow® Champion Enablement™ Program that educates customers on a framework to drive lasting adoption across their enterprise.