Video | Friday Fast Fifteen – Microsoft Teams for Remote Workforce Enablement

15 MIN | As organizations are increasingly relying on remote communication and collaboration apps, the role of Microsoft Teams has taken the spotlight. Hear from one of our lead Microsoft trainers about how Teams is transforming the way employees work together. Join Holly Petersen and Kaitlyn Frank for this week’s Friday Fast 15!

Video | Shutterfly CIO Michael Robinson Talks ServiceNow

25 MIN | Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of sitting with Shutterfly’s CIO Michael Robinson and Crossfuze’s CEO Chris Howard for an exclusive interview about ServiceNow Success at Shutterfly. Listen in on their 20-minute discussion around Shutterfly’s high-level objectives for ServiceNow, the Organizational Change Management behind an acquisition, how Crossfuze ManagedNow plays a role in the organization today, and what’s next for Shutterfly.

Webinar | What It Means to Be a Transformational IT Leader with Martha Heller

62 MIN | Designed especially for IT leaders, Martha inspires you to embrace your role as an enterprise leader, think in terms of “products” (not “projects”), and replace order-taking with co-creation. Throughout her talk, Martha illustrates her messages with real transformation stories from some of the world’s most successful companies and with highly relevant lessons learned from the CIOs who led those transformations.

Webinar | How to Increase Law Firm Efficiency with a Mature IT Department

43 MIN | Join special guest, Kerry Angel, Service Delivery Manager at Macfarlanes law firm to learn how she led the transformation of their IT Service Management and significantly improved operational efficiency by delivering faster incident resolution, seamless user experiences, and improved work prioritization using ServiceNow ITSM.

eBook | 7 Pillars of Organizational Change Management to Achieve ServiceNow Wins

The 7 Pillars of Organizational Change Management to Achieve ServiceNow Wins is a practical, how-to guidebook for developing and using OCM strategies to achieve lasting digital transformation. Readers will learn how to initiate change, engage optimally with employees, navigate roadblocks to change, and measure the effectiveness of change. At the end of each chapter are key takeaways that can be used as talking points with colleagues to help spark successful ServiceNow OCM across the organization. Enjoy!

Case Study | Integration Partners – 5-Year ServiceNow Success Story

This case study is an inspiring read for anyone considering ServiceNow or looking to extend the platform’s value throughout the organization. It also shows Integration Partners’ five-year timeline that outlines where they started and where they are today with ServiceNow.