Testimonial | Christi Brown, WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems

6 MIN | Christi Brown grabbed hold of ServiceNow’s value by launching the IT Service Management Suite using Crossfuze’s Smart Launch. The 30-day go-live experience was a success and helped Christi, and her team at WASH Multifamily Laundry Service reach another milestone in their digital transformation journey.

Testimonial | Logan Dunnaway, Colliers International

6 MIN | Logan Dunnaway is a ServiceNow pro! When joining Colliers, he quickly knew something was wrong with how their ServiceNow ITSM was functioning. It was slowing IT down rather than speeding things up and streamlining workflows. It had to be fixed and fast. The game-changing moment happened when Logan learned about Crossfuze Smart Launch for ITSM.

Case Study | Integration Partners – 5-Year ServiceNow Success Story

This case study is an inspiring read for anyone considering ServiceNow or looking to extend the platform’s value throughout the organization. It also shows Integration Partners’ five-year timeline that outlines where they started and where they are today with ServiceNow.

Webinar | ServiceNow Success Story Featuring Integration Partners

56 MIN | When Michelle Brockney, Director of Business Operations at Integration Partners, first started out leading her company in a ServiceNow implementation back in 2013, she didn’t know what to expect. Michelle wondered, how will we custom configure the platform to our unique needs? How will I gain the trust and buy-in from leadership? How will I ensure early adoption?

Case Study | SUEZ

SUEZ, a leading provider of water and waste recycling services for municipalities and other organizations across North America, desperately needed to revamp and modernize its aging, decentralized IT service delivery systems. The company was still using spreadsheets to aggregate company data, paper forms for official documentation, and email for submitting IT requests and issues.

Case Study | Ventura County

The County of Ventura, a populous coastal Southern California county that employs nearly 8,000 workers across three dozen departments and agencies, was updating the financial management systems (FMS) that support its invoicing and accounting systems. This update to the enterprise financial management system required a comprehensive change in the ServiceNow invoicing module that had been developed for the Information Technology Services Department by ServiceNow Professional Services.

Case Study | Leading Household Appliance Manufacturer

A leading manufacturer of household appliances with a global workforce of 93,000 was looking to modernize and streamline its IT asset management (ITAM) operations. This Fortune 500 company has relationships with dozens of vendors that are involved in procuring, servicing, maintaining, and supporting a wide variety of IT assets, ranging from software licenses to laptops to tablets.