Case Study | Law Firm Embraces SaaS Solution for App Consolidation

A large Denver-based law firm with about 400 attorneys decided in early 2019 to abandon its on-premise IT ticketing system and move to ServiceNow. The firm correctly recognized that ServiceNow was more than just a powerful IT Service Management platform. ServiceNow also could help the firm efficiently consolidate a wide range of business applications.

Case Study | Law Firm Achieves ServiceNow ROI with Crossfuze

A top-ranked, New York-based law firm with about 500 attorneys was facing a daunting challenge when it approached Crossfuze: The firm wasn’t seeing the return on its ServiceNow investment they had hoped for. The firm had implemented ServiceNow IT Service Management a few years prior – and the rollout was disappointing.

Case Study | Origami Risk – Integrating Slack with ServiceNow for a Seamless Change Approvals Process

Origami Risk needed to streamline and automate the management of its IT-related services when they company initially implemented ServiceNow in late 2018. But their workforce of about 300 employees worldwide were already using Slack to track and manage work of all kinds. Read about Crossfuze’s solution to develop the Slack Approvals Integration for ServiceNow.

Case Study | Voxai – Delivery Better Customer Service

Voxai helps businesses deliver exceptional customer service. In turn, Voxai must deliver the same level of service or better when serving those businesses. To do this, they needed a comprehensive, extensible solution that provided good management visibility and was easy for their customers to use.

Testimonial | Carey Deaton, Community Health Choice

6 MIN | Carey Deaton of Community Health Choice shares her inspiring ServiceNow story in this informative video. She talks about her team’s journey from concept to success with implementing IT Service Management (ITSM) using Crossfuze’s Smart Launch for ITSM solution. Within 30 days, Community Health Choice was up and running with ServiceNow ITSM as a result of Smart Launch for ITSM. The business outcomes quickly proved out the value of ServiceNow and paved the way for other areas of the organization to advance their digital transformation efforts.

Testimonial | Gary Collins, Finastra

5 MIN | Gary Collins shares his experience working with Crossfuze on launching Smart Launch for ServiceNow ITSM in this informative video. Onboarding ServiceNow has never been so easy since Smart Launch for ITSM. With Finastra’s ITSM success, Gary and his team are now working with Crossfuze on the next stage of their ServiceNow roadmap.

Testimonial | WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone

4 MIN | WOW, what an amazing ServiceNow success story told by one of WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone’s digital transformation leaders, Eric Riemer. Watch this video to learn how Eric and his team continue to deliver “WOW” moments for end users by leveraging Crossfuze’s ManagedNow ServiceNow Support Services. It’s a story you have to tip a hat to…

Testimonial | Kerry Angel, Macfarlanes

5 MIN | Macfarlanes needs to focus on one thing and that is to provide exceptional legal services its clients. That’s top priority each and every day. They couldn’t allow for a technology implementation to derail their focus on providing their clients with prompt service. So, when they needed a new IT Service Management platform they knew they had to go with the best and implement it at lightning speed.