Case Study | How Servicenow Removed Barriers to Cx Excellence by Becoming Elite Group’s Enterprise-wide Platform

As Elite Group expanded through business acquisitions, those businesses brought with them different systems for collecting data. With several disparate CRMs and service desk platforms, there was no single source of truth.

Webinar | Elite Group – A ServiceNow CSM Success Story

60 MIN | Here to share his own experience implementing ServiceNow Customer Service Management is Greg Voller, Head of Technology at Elite Group. Join Greg and our own CSM experts for an in-depth discussion covering unified Communications industry trends and success drivers, the role that customer service will play in the industry, proven strategies for implementing ServiceNow CSM in Unified Communications companies.

Case Study | ServiceNow CSM Success – Focus Brands

Focus Brands owns over 5,000 stores across the country. With a growing need to support franchisees, they needed a solution that was robust, comprehensive, and scalable for future growth. They found a solution in ServiceNow CSM. Read this success story to learn how Focus Brands partnered with Crossfuze to further the digital transformation of their customer service model.

Case Study | Voxai – Delivery Better Customer Service

Voxai helps businesses deliver exceptional customer service. In turn, Voxai must deliver the same level of service or better when serving those businesses. To do this, they needed a comprehensive, extensible solution that provided good management visibility and was easy for their customers to use.

Testimonial | Nathalie Pougno, Ricoh

6 MIN | Nathalie talks about her ServiceNow ITBM and CSM success working with Crossfuze in this exciting and informative video. Ricoh has delivered win after win using Crossfuze. Today, the sky’s the limit with what Nathalie and her team can achieve with ServiceNow–and Crossfuze at their side.

Webinar | See Customer Service Management in Action

48 MIN | See the ServiceNow Customer Service Management solution in action with this demo provided by ServiceNow. You’ll learn how to create a consumerized Self-Service portal that users will love, how report incidents and follow them to their root cause through the Problem Management application, and how to remedy incidents using the Change Management application.