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Improving revenue, optimizing efficiency, and reducing costs are at the forefront of any progressive company. Clearly defined corporate goals, high-powered strategies to achieve them, and executing with excellence on the tactics deliver the desired outcomes.

At the core of all this sits PPM. A compelling enterprise Portfolio Project Management strategy is transformational if supported by the right infrastructure: purpose, people, process, and platform.

At Crossfuze, we understand that designing, implementing, and maintaining a PPM strategy can be a challenging undertaking for CEOs, CIOs, and Project Management executives who already have too much on their plates. Moreover, the bar for excellence seems to go higher with each passing year, and speed is required.  Our decades of experience have taught us that project management confidence is gained from being able to easily and accurately map and prioritize project demands to corporate strategy. The stronger the connection of Portfolio Project Management to strategic initiatives, the faster you get to reaching Project Management Office maturity. PMO maturity, in turn, has a direct impact on process efficiency, employee productivity, and the bottom line.

By coupling our years of PPM Process Consulting expertise with our top-ranking Customer Satisfaction status as a ServiceNow Gold Partner, Crossfuze has enabled hundreds of PPM and IT executives to turn their maze of project requests into a straight line to success. Crossfuze’s approach is highly effective because we understand that it’s about more than just knowing what works; it’s also about knowing what doesn’t work, what’s risky, and what’s simply bad practice.

Portfolio Project Management is one of Crossfuze’s core competencies, and our investment in the space runs deep. From PPM Process Consulting and ServiceNow PPM implementation support to our user-inspired Quickfuze application and flexible iPOWER virtual admin support programs, our specialists are focused on transforming how organizations use Portfolio Project Management to drive productivity and profits.

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Maximize Time-to-Value with Project Portfolio
Management Strategic Consulting from Crossfuze

To make informed project management decisions and execute on the initiatives that offer the strongest return on investment, it’s imperative that you develop an optimized PPM strategy. To achieve this goal, you need to:


Understand the processes, methods, and technologies that underlie how work gets done in your organization


Know how to systematically prioritize and execute key business initiatives driving your corporate strategy


Be prepared to offer solutions for standardizing project execution and creating economies of repetition


Understand how teams collaborate within your organization today—and how they could more effectively and cohesively collaborate tomorrow

At Crossfuze, we design Project Portfolio Management plans around people, process, and platform, and we do it in a way that reduces wasted time and unnecessary costs that can derail any project in your portfolio and, ultimately, the overall success of your PMO. Our approach to platform implementation is designed to allow for a quick and accurate response to changing business dynamics.

Crossfuze can help put your Project Portfolio Management goals on a fast track to victory, no matter where you are in your improvement roadmap. Whether you are just starting out with ServiceNow or are a veteran of ServiceNow PPM, you get a fresh perspective backed by hundreds of ServiceNow implementations, and we offer platform-optimizing solutions that streamline existing configurations and workflows. Simply put, we do the heavy lifting so that you can keep your mind on other priorities.

Using your goals and expectations as our guide, Crossfuze’s PPM specialists help you conceptualize and reimagine an enterprise-wide methodology for Project Portfolio Management that:


Dramatically improves and stabilizes your on-time and on-budget outcomes


Yields valuable economies of scale across the PMO


Provides project managers with confidence when prioritizing projects, assigning resources, and tracking project implementation success metrics

By allowing us to help you design your Project Portfolio Management solution, you’ll have assurances that you won’t be blinded by constant, minor distractions that limit your ability to assess, analyze, and improve. And in a short while, you’ll be closer to modernizing your PPM strategy in a way that properly aligns with and enhances your strategic business priorities.

Maximize PMO efficiency with the Crossfuze Project Portfolio
Management Quickfuze™ Application

Any organization with staying power wants to improve profitability and market share. Having the ability to focus resources, time, and budget on the projects that matter is what keeps a company relevant.The Crossfuze ServiceNow PPM Quickfuze application guarantees we’ll be able to further optimize your ServiceNow investment. The PPM Quickfuze application boosts the performance of your ServiceNow PPM solution with user-inspired features and functionality. The capabilities you desire to develop on your own are the same ones that can be jump-started with the Quickfuze application; in fact, we’ll get you about 80% of the way there, allowing you to focus on the 20% that requires your personal touch and customizations.

A robust but easy-to-use solution like ServiceNow, underpinned by a business-driven strategy, is the proven way to boost the performance and maturity of the PMO, quickly deliver meaningful wins, and reduce wasted time and the energy of your valuable and limited resources. Don’t lose your competitive advantage by moving too slowly with your ServiceNow PPM  implementation—or, worse, stumble because of obstacles you didn’t anticipate. Time is something you can’t get back, and lost time opens the door to lost opportunities. Let’s improve your Project Portfolio Management process, and put you on the fast track to success.

For more information about Crossfuze’s services—PPM Process Consulting, PPM ServiceNow implementation and/or the PPM ServiceNow Quickfuze application—contact us at We’ll be happy to demo the application and help you unlock Project Portfolio Management’s full potential. And we’re so confident in all of our ServiceNow implementations that we back them with the world’s only ServiceNow partner 90-day guarantee.

Let’s have a quick discussion to see if Crossfuze is a good fit for what you are looking for—in less than 30 minutes.

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