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At the Intersection of Microsoft and ServiceNow

ServiceNow and Microsoft as Complimentary Pillars of the Modern Workplace.

Today’s workers expect a digitally connected experience in the workplace. Service needs to be everywhere, all the time, on every platform. It needs to be convenient. It needs to be personalized. It needs to be secure. It needs to be connected. In the modern workplace:

  • User experience is core
  • Digital self-service is essential
  • Collaboration software is consumed from anywhere, on any device

As an Elite ServiceNow Partner and a Gold Microsoft Partner, we understand the dynamic, real-world needs of businesses today. And with expertise in both ServiceNow and Microsoft, we offer unique insights that single-focus providers cannot.

We know how to apply these technologies in the best ways to increase adoption, efficiency, and security, and get a full return on our customers’ investment. Because when each is implemented with the other in mind, customers find greater success in both platforms.

Get Our Guide to Microsoft 365

With over 80 applications and services, determining which components of Microsoft 365 to leverage is a highly strategic decision.

Download our comprehensive guide and learn how you can make Microsoft 365 work for you.

Drive IT Maturity and Support End-user Adoption with Microsoft + ServiceNow

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Enables user adoption and success of Office 365 suite through Knowledge Base resources

Increases maturity level to embrace digital and cloud transformation

Facilitates DevOps, enabling faster reaction to Microsoft updates

Increases ability to effectively support and drive maturity across your IT ecosystem

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Enhances the ServiceNow experience by integrating tolls and services like SCCM, Intune, Azure Iaas, Azure AD

Facilitates improved automation and governance

Increases control and visibility over devices in your environment

Start Your ServiceNow ITOM Onboarding Success Story

This highly interactive workbook will position you for early and often platform wins. Dive in and start building your ServiceNow foundation for success using the workbook’s advice, tips, and dynamic forms. Capture your goals, strategies, and tactics all in one spot. Collaborate and share with colleagues. It’s easy with the ServiceNow Onboarding Workbook by Crossfuze.

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A Preferred Microsoft and Servicenow Partner, with the Medals to Prove It

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We’re Not Just a Servicenow Consultant,
We Run Our Business on It

As a ServiceNow customer ourselves, we understand what businesses need to get up and running swiftly. We bring this experience to every ServiceNow deployment, which increases transparency, speeds the process, and lowers the risk for our customers.

Post implementation, Crossfuze offers a full spectrum of ServiceNow support services, from maintenance to enhancements to road-mapping, so you can stay focused on your business and maximize your ROI on ServiceNow.

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A Preferred Microsoft Partner,
With the Medals to Prove It

As a Microsoft Gold Partner in several categories, we have a front row seat in the arena of innovation. And because we’ve helped implement Microsoft solutions for hundreds of customers across many geographies and industries, we understand the dynamic, real-world needs of businesses today.

Our expertise across the Microsoft 365 portfolio, which includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), means we are positioned to provide purpose-built training..

Microsoft + ServiceNow Success Resources


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