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Email remains the single most critical system in most businesses today. It is the backbone for communication with the primary collaboration tool, and the core platform for unified communications in most organizations.

As a result, messaging and collaboration platforms today include Cloud-based solutions – Office365 and Google Apps, the stalwart Exchange, SharePoint, Outlook, browser-based clients, archiving and backup tools, Lync®, mobile access, anti-virus and anti-spam. Active Directory (AD) and other IDAM tools are intrinsically linked to and underlie this suite of applications. Enterprise email and collaboration platforms have become very complex and represent the most vulnerable attack point in today’s cyber threat world.

Our Messaging and Collaboration management services provide complete management and monitoring, and administration of each client’s unique messaging and collaboration platform in addition to optional features that will customize the service in a way that works best for your business. Crossfuze charter is to improve performance, functionality and security while reducing your overall operational costs.

Benefits to the IT Organization

IT organizations immediately gain efficiency and maturity around their email environments. IT employees “get their lives back” by receiving 24/7/365 support and don’t have to spend nights and weekends on-call. Our services and run books are designed to integrate seamlessly with internal IT processes and applications.

IT staff members can move beyond day-to-day reactive tactical tasks associated with email, and focus on more strategic duties that help employees and lines of business be more productive with key messaging applications.

  • Lower IT costs
  • Improved service levels
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Fixed monthly fees
  • Expert technical support
  • 24/7/365 coverage
  • Mobile device support
  • Advanced anti-virus and anti-spam capabilities
  • Location independent

“The Cloud” May Not Always Be The Answer

The reality is that many businesses have complex IT environments, have already made significant investments in premise-based systems, and often have requirements that preclude them from deploying key systems in the cloud, especially messaging environments.

Crossfuze’s Messaging System management service enables customers to experience the operational convenience, cost savings and support levels of a hosted “public cloud” solution while keeping their data on-premise and under their control in a “private cloud”.

Crossfuze’s systems remotely monitor Exchange Servers in the customers datacenter or collocation facility, sending key alerts and performance metrics to the Crossfuze Network Operations Centers where certified experts proactively manage and administer the environment on a 24/7/365 basis.

The Crossfuze solution improves availability, assures security and performance of the environment while reducing the cost and time necessary to maintain it.

Managing Messaging Platforms is Expensive

A typical IT staff member charged with managing Exchange® in a large organization can support an average of 1,500 users, although many organizations require more IT staff to manage the underlying servers, storage and network systems. Using industry average compensation rates, the cost of IT labor just to manage Exchange® is approximately $53 per user per year, or $4.42 per user per month – just for IT labor alone. Economies of scale allow Crossfuze to provide Email/Messaging management services for much less on a per user basis.

In-Depth Application Monitoring

Crossfuze’s Exchange® monitoring systems have superior depth and breadth of key application performance metrics. With more than 100,000 seats under management, our monitoring goes beyond the arbitrary thresholds to select ones that fit each customers’ needs and systems environment. This translates into the best possible end-user experience and reduces troubleshooting and problem resolution time.

Server, Storage and Network Monitoring

As a typical option, Crossfuze can also monitor the status and performance of server, storage and network hardware. Our technical experience with all major hardware vendors enables us to deliver unparalleled visibility into critical device metrics and assist in capacity planning.

Automation and Security

Changes can be scheduled according to customer time frames, eliminating interference with server availability and aligning with established change management processes. We work with customers who have global presence and can establish change windows to meet local time zones and individual business unit requirements.

Meaningful Reporting and Analysis

Crossfuze’s Exchange® engineers have upgraded over 400,000 seats of Exchange® and use industry best-practices to deliver predictive analysis and capacity planning recommendations as your messaging and collaboration platform grows and changes. Reports can be run ad-hoc and are provided on a monthly basis.

Win-Win Support Model

Crossfuze’s unique support model is designed to strengthen and improve your environment as it matures. Our frontline support team works 24/7/365 to solve alerts and issues as they arise while our expert Engineers work proactively to optimize and harden the environment to maximize performance and minimize disruptions. This continuous improvement model makes both our jobs easier.

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What Our Customers Think

“It’s a no-brainer. With Crossfuze, we have experts in ServiceNow, we have experts in Office 365 deployments and experts in SCCM. To add those people to our staff at that level would be a lot more expensive.”

Chuck Blackford

VP and Director of Practice Technology – Corgan

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