Long-Term ServiceNow Vision and Planning

Let Crossfuze help you reimagine services with a roadmap to ESM success

Your company works hard for competitive advantages and a well-planned ESM (Enterprise Service Management) vision will have an impact. An ESM vision that is tailored and aligned to your business strategy not only gives you that competitive edge, it also mitigates risk especially when coupled with strong planning.

However, we all know that along the journey to implementation, real-world obstacles arise. People clash, priorities shift, and support from key managers may wane, just to name a few. For example, implementing a CMDB alone has an over 50 percent failure rate. These risks can be easily mitigated with proper preparation from Crossfuze.

How do you remove the obstacles or at least minimize the risk they could pose on your success?

We can help our clients by developing a comprehensive, easy-to-communicate roadmap for success that allows you to move forward with speed and confidence. In doing so, you can easily and confidently stay on track with short-term and long-term business goals.

Rev up the engine for success…

Begin with a user adoption plan

While enterprise platforms are widely regarded as the foundation for new value creation, implementing a platform as powerful as ServiceNow takes skill, creative thinking, and commitment. The best way to achieve user adoption is to establish a clear user adoption plan that is compatible with the culture and priorities of your organization. This can help your end users buy into the system at a conceptual level, learn how to use it, and then change their habits. By leveraging our adoption planning and training strategies, you can create new and desired behavior in your organization.

Bolster the process with strong communication throughout the organization

During the user adoption process, we’ll define and explain milestones, be responsive to feedback and concerns, manage expectations, and create an actionable feedback loop. We’ll guide you every step of the way to ensure your implementation doesn’t end up getting siloed, marginalized, or minimized.

Provide resources for best practices

While every organization is unique, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We have developed best practices that will easily guide any organization through a ServiceNow implementation. We’ll provide the resources necessary to enable you to anticipate and prevent hiccups along your journey. This includes a knowledge base with answers to end user FAQs and how to get proactive and reliable ServiceNow support.

Of course, the creation of a user adoption strategy takes more discussion. If you would like to dive deeper into the Crossfuze best-practices-driven plan, LetsTalk@Crossfuze.com.

Crossfuze is easy to work with. They add tremendous value with their experience and creativity with ServiceNow. The best part is that they know how to maximize the ServiceNow platform. They stick to the schedule, even when there are unexpected curves in the road. They always will go out of their way to provide a great experience.

Manager of ERP Systems

Global Food Products company

Crossfuze rescued the project without affecting the original timeline. The last rollout and double upgrade were the most efficient, best executed upgrade of any platform I have been involved in over my 15+ years working in Service Management.

Global ITSM Manager

Global Consumer Products Company

Working with Crossfuze is one of the joys of my development life. They consistently suggest solutions to problems that I would not have considered—and the solutions delivered are easy to maintain and to enhance. Their ‘value-add’ is extremely high.

Mary Barrett

Application Architect, County of Ventura

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