ServiceNow Implementation and Optimization

Reduce your risk, lower your cost, and supercharge your business processes

You bought into ServiceNow because you want to manage integrated enterprise services with confidence. You’re here, reading this, perhaps because you now need to implement ServiceNow so that you can get functionality like automated alerts, fix problems before the user knows there is an issue, and consistently run a smooth operation. Or, you have been trying to do so with another partner but just aren’t realizing the desired results fast enough, or at all.

Combining the ServiceNow platform and Crossfuze’s rare expertise will make your enterprise run efficiently. It takes unwavering vision and precise planning to enhance visibility, increase service availability, improve user experience, and maximize agility. With the best-in-class combination, you will be able to:


Move business services and IT infrastructure to a single system of record.


Manage end-to-end services with ease and do away with technology silos.


Accelerate and automate remediation, improve governance, and enhance self-service.

You will appreciate the benefits that ServiceNow offers — as will those who use it. To reap those benefits, your implementation team needs to be stellar and fully vested in your vision.

It’s risky to undertake an in-house implementation since ServiceNow experts are difficult to come by and tough to keep because what they do is rare, so the job world is their oyster. When you choose Crossfuze, you will not only gain the confidence that your ServiceNow team will be onboard for the long-haul, you expand your resources while…

Reducing your risk. There are many factors and variables that a first-time implementer must consider. We’ve designed delivery methodology for people, processes, and tools to give you peace of mind.

Lowering your cost. Implementing an enterprise platform eats into your staff’s time, because learning a platform takes years to master. This can be costly and inefficient. Crossfuze lives and breathes the ServiceNow platform. Our business runs on it, and we are fully vested in it as our go-to-market strategy. We have implemented hundreds of instances and therefore, possess the deep knowledge needed to implement quickly and safely.

Supercharging your process. You can be guided through the technical part of implementation and also be confident your process is efficient. We’ll develop a comprehensive, easy-to-communicate roadmap based on your vision of where you need to be. And, have the first phase rolled out in 90 days. Guaranteed.

How about we have a quick discussion to see if Crossfuze is a good fit for what you are looking for. I think in less than 30 minutes, we’ll know.

Crossfuze is easy to work with. They add tremendous value with their experience and creativity with ServiceNow. The best part is that they know how to maximize the ServiceNow platform. They stick to the schedule, even when there are unexpected curves in the road. They always will go out of their way to provide a great experience.

Manager of ERP Systems

Global Food Products company

Crossfuze rescued the project without affecting the original timeline. The last rollout and double upgrade were the most efficient, best executed upgrade of any platform I have been involved in over my 15+ years working in Service Management.

Global ITSM Manager

Global Consumer Products Company

Working with Crossfuze is one of the joys of my development life. They consistently suggest solutions to problems that I would not have considered—and the solutions delivered are easy to maintain and to enhance. Their ‘value-add’ is extremely high.

Mary Barrett

Application Architect, County of Ventura

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